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The Central Park Five

Chronicles America's complicated perceptions of race and crime through the story of the "Central Park 5"--A group of minority teenagers wrongfully convicted and jailed for brutally raping a white woman in New York.
2013; 2012

Mental Illness and Violent Crime

Discusses research being conducted to determine whether or not a link exists between mental illness and violent crime and whether a pattern exists for the types of mental illnesses that might create violent behavior.
Ivy (By Request)

Not Too Young to Die

The United States is one of only seven countries, including Iraq and Bangladesh, whose justice system allows the execution of juveniles convicted of crime. Today there are thirty-three juveniles on death row in eleven states. Here is a critical look at a highly controversial subject. This film takes us into death row in those states where juveniles may be executed. Each story is complicated. The youths have all committed repugnant crimes. Allen Hain locked two victims in the trunk of the car and burnt the vehicle. The victims parents express their anger and feel death is a fitting punishment. Yet we learn that Allen who was sixteen at the time of the crime, had a mental age of fourteen, came from an alcoholic family and lived on the street. His caseworker feels he could be rehabilita [...]

Juvenile Sex Offenders [electronic resource]: Voices Unheard

An average pedophile will molest 363 children in his or her lifetime. This program goes to a lock-down and into the community to develop a profile of juvenile sex offenders and to study the pioneering work of organizations attempting to reintegrate offenders into society. Interviews with experts reveal the causes behind the actions of young sex offenders, including sex abuse in their own young lives. At the Family Service Society in Marion, Indiana, offenders, some voluntarily and others under court order, engage in unique therapy sessions. There intervention, designed to prevent them from carrying their activities into their adult lives, helps them understand and correct their habitual behavior.
2006; 1997

Honorable Murder [electronic resource]

In many Middle Eastern countries, honor is so highly prized that it is considered more valuable than life itself. This program examines the code of conduct that makes each woman a sacred vessel of her family's honor-and the practice of atoning for any family member's breach of that code with her blood. Scholars, judges, and clergymen discuss the culturally sanctioned practice of "honorable murder," while fathers, brothers, and mothers talk about the communal pressure to adhere to the honor code and how the loss of daughters and sisters has affected their lives. Interviews with some of the "lucky" ones-women who were imprisoned rather than executed-are also included.
2005; 1998

Date Rape Drugs [electronic resource]: Alert

Although there are many sources of excellent personal safety tips for men and women, there is a new danger that you can't see, smell, or taste. This video will refresh viewers on safety precautions to take that will greatly reduce the risk of being raped. And beyond that you will hear information on Rohypnol and other "date rape drugs"...their street names, how they affect your body, what they look like, and how they can be administered. This video also provides concrete examples of how to protect yourself by using common sense. It's no longer enough to be aware of your surroundings, your companions, and keeping yourself out of potentially dangerous situations. Information is the key to protecting yourself against the misuse of these drugs.
2005; 1999

Forensic Field Techniques for Human Remains [electronic resource]

This program provides a comprehensive introduction to the application of forensic science to crime scenes where human remains have been found. Promoting a team approach to crime scene analysis, Scott Fairgrieve, Tracy Oost, and Gerard Courtin, faculty members of the Department of Forensic Science at Laurentian University, cover the following topics: the decomposition timeline, identifying human remains, identifying burial sites, locating remains via grid-based searching, establishing the crime scene, forensic botany, forensic entomology, forensic anthropology, and special considerations for dealing with remains that have been exposed to water or fire. An excellent tool for training police officers, coroners, medical examiners, firefighters, forensic scientists, and students.
2010; 2009

Manhood and Violence [electronic resource]: Fatal Peril

The Resolve to Stop the Violence Program places male convicts in highly structured encounter groups, helping them recognize the warped concepts of masculinity behind their violent behavior. This documentary follows nine inmates through the rigorous self-discovery process, recording their growing sense of accountability and willingness to change. With commentary from law enforcement officers, violence-prevention experts, victims' relatives, and the inmates themselves, the video also follows up on RSVP participants after their release, highlighting the ultimate benefit of the program-a dramatic reduction in recidivism among its graduates.
2005; 2003

The Michelle Jeter Beating [electronic resource]

Texas female officer Michelle Jeter was nearly beaten to death during a traffic stop. This first-ever in-depth interview with Officer Jeter provides an invaluable training.

Missouri Cop Street Smarts Nail Twin Killers [electronic resource]

A young man and his sister were en route to Las Vegas after killing their mother and grandparents in Indianapolis. Traveling over the speed limit in Missouri, they were stopped by a deputy. His alert questioning produced indicator after indicator that something was wrong. Roadside cooperation with Indiana officers and professional questioning soon brought a confession and arrests.

Tampa Massacre [electronic resource]

Two Tampa detectives and a Florida state trooper are killed by a career criminal who had just been taken into custody for the shooting death of his girlfriend's child.

Louisiana Officer Allows Escaped Murderer Free After Stop [electronic resource]

An escaped federal prisoner is stopped by a Louisiana officer, but the subject is allowed to leave despite many signs pointing to him as the escapee. With top-to-bottom footage captured by the police cruiser's dash-cam video, this program imparts vital analysis and lessons learned.

Indiana Bank Robbery [electronic resource]: Chase and Shootout

This program features a bank robbery in Indiana. The scenario is complicated by the fact that the chase crosses state lines, which raises important jurisdictional and communication issues.

The Impact of Violence on Children [electronic resource]

What is the future of our children in America? Kids today live in a volatile world where violence in the school, home, and streets is an everyday occurrence. Statistics are staggering as children are not only abused by adults, but are killing each other. This program looks at the sources of violence that affect our children. Among the experts featured in the program are Dr. James Garbarino, Director of Cornell University's Family Life Development Center; James Stayer, President of Children Now; and Kathleen Kostelny, Ph.D., of the Erikson Institute.
2006; 1995

Portraits in Human Sexuality [electronic resource]: Nonconsensual Sexuality

Without consent, sexual intercourse is nothing less than rape. This program offers insights into sexual victimization through interviews with a young woman who was raped in her own home by an armed assailant and a young man who was expelled from college on a charge of acquaintance rape. Also, a rehabilitation service for sexual offenders is profiled, with an emphasis on the treatment of deviant sexual arousal and the cognitive restructuring, victim impact awareness, and empathy skills development that goes into it.

Date Rape [electronic resource]: Violation of Trust

To the average student, the definitions of date rape and sexual assault are notoriously unclear. Use this program to eliminate the confusion so young adults understand exactly what these things are-and the attitudes and biases that typically accompany them-before anyone gets hurt. The video firmly reinforces the concepts that rape has its roots in hate crime; date rape is just as wrong as rape by a stranger; a victim is never "asking for it," no matter how the person dresses; and no one ever "deserves it." The video also underscores the rules of the dating game: a date is not an invitation for sex; No means No; and the inability to give consent doesn't mean Yes. Interviews with rape survivors and mental health professionals shed additional light on the trauma caused by rape, the proc [...]
2007; 2008

He Wouldn't Turn Me Loose [electronic resource]: The Sexual Assault Case of 96-Year-Old Miss Mary

Get a cop out here, I'm hurt," pleads an elderly voice to the 911 dispatcher. "There's a maniac in the house." Although the distress call is muffled and chaotic, the facts of the case soon become horrifically clear: 96-year-old Miss Mary has suffered a brutal sexual assault at the hands of her grandson, Billy. As Mary later shares on camera and in the presence of victim advocates, Billy's attack was the culmination of years of systematic abuse, including theft, neglect, and forced servitude, all perpetrated by Billy and his wife. Additional interviews with Mary's advocacy team, and with the prosecutor who brought charges against Billy, shed light on the need for support and investigative services to address America's rarely discussed problem of elder abuse.

Invisible War Shines Light on Rape in the Military [electronic resource]

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, up to 30 percent of women in the military have been raped or sexually assaulted while serving. This ABC News report highlights the Oscar-nominated documentary The Invisible War, and discusses the response of the military. Victims talk about how they were punished but the predators went free, and how the military sees rape as an occupational hazard.

Steubenville [electronic resource]: After the Party's Over

Steubenville High School used to be known for touchdowns, not trials, until two football heroes were charged with and convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl during a post-game victory celebration. This ABC News report on the Steubenville rape case follows the party-hopping trail of digital evidence that tells a story of extreme humiliation and repeated sexual violation while underscoring a nationwide-and uniquely 21st-century-problem: crime being recorded instead of reported as young bystanders with little real-world sense of consequences fail to intervene. Drawing upon texts, tweets, pictures, and videos, the case for the prosecution was almost entirely pieced together through social media.