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Newsreels 1950-55

In the age before television, people saw the news every week in their neighborhood movie theater, in the newsreels that were shown with every feature film. This DVD contains a selection of newsreels made by Universal International News, compiled by Professor Steven Schoenherr for history classes at the University of San Diego. These visual historical documents have been reproduced from reference cassettes at the National Archives in College Park MD. In living black-and-white, they offer a fascinating and unique view of an era when motion pictures defined our culture.
Clemons (Stacks)

The Reel World of News [electronic resource]

In 1911, the first newsreels flickered in America's nickelodeons. In the mid-1960s, they vanished from movie theaters as nightly television newscasts came to dominate visual journalism. In between, newsreels grew into a unique 20th-century institution that informed and entertained whole generations. In this program, Bill Moyers conducts a tour of the cultural and political landscape so dramatically rendered by the American newsreel. Accompanied by a rich tapestry of archival clips, Moyers talks with the announcers, composers, and cameramen who still relish memories of jostling and hustling to catch the parade of history on film.
2010; 1984

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: Christmas Brings Joy to Everyone (12/10/1945)

This Universal newsreel focuses on five topics, as follows. Reel 1, Christmas-themed footage includes people selecting trees, Seattle's Naval Air Station where gifts are being sent to the troops, shoppers and department store window displays, children playing with toys, and Santa Claus. Reel 2, General Eisenhower, the new chief of staff, speaks. Reel 3, General Stilwell gives the DSC to the Matsuda family. Reel 4, Archbishop Spellman makes an appeal for the donation of canned goods for war relief. Reel 5, Arriving in Washington D.C., a Douglas bomber completes its record-breaking nonstop flight from Long Beach, Calif. Also in the spotlight is a new Boeing tandem-prop fighter plane that can reach the speed of 450 m.p.h.
2010; 1945

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: Rail Strike Paralyzes Entire U.S. (05/23/1946)

This Universal newsreel focuses on two topics, as follows. Reel 1, Faced with the most serious labor stoppage in its history, the U.S. is hard hit by a strike of railroad men. Reel 2, In Nanking, U.S. Chief of Staff Eisenhower receives a gala welcome as he visits China's leader during his tour of U.S. Far Eastern bases. Later, in Tokyo, he meets General MacArthur and reviews an 8th Army parade.
2010; 1946

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: First Pictures --Atomic Blast! (07/08/1946)

This Universal newsreel focuses on the atom bomb test at Bikini Atoll. Universal Newsreel, in cooperation with the U.S. Army and Navy, presents "Operation Crossroads," a film that shows in dramatic detail the various phases of an epochal A-bomb experiment--from takeoff to the awful blast that destroyed or damaged more than half the ships in Bikini Lagoon. The motion picture spectacle of all time!
2010; 1946

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: Hughes Plane Crash (07/11/1946)

This Universal newsreel focuses on Howard Hughes. Beverly Hills, Calif.: Pilot Howard Hughes is seriously injured in the crash of the U.S. Army's XF-11 experimental aircraft.
2010; 1946

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: Philippines' Independence Proclaimed (07/15/1946)

This Universal newsreel focuses on Philippines sovereignty. At the transfer of sovereignty for an independent republic of the Philippines on July 4, President Manuel Rojas, U.S. Ambassador Paul Vories McNutt, and General Douglas MacArthur are present.
2010; 1946

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: 21 Nazi Chiefs Guilty (10/08/1946)

This Universal newsreel focuses on the Nuremberg trials. Nuremberg, Germany: It is doomsday and the day of reckoning as 21 Nazis learn their fate at the end of their 10-month trial. Half will hang.
2010; 1946

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: U.N. And Big 4 Adjourn (12/16/1946)

This Universal newsreel focuses on the United Nations. The UN General Assembly approves the permanent site for its international headquarters: a six-block parcel in mid-town Manhattan, a gift of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
2010; 1946

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: 94 Die in Air Crashes (06/02/1947)

This Universal newsreel focuses on five topics, as follows. Reel 1, Two record DC-4 airplane crashes leave a total of 94 people dead. Reel 2, Anzio heroes are honored at a Memorial Day ceremony. Reel 3, Displaced Polish women arrive in Montreal to work, while a group of Yugoslav refugees are repatriated to their homeland. Reel 4, Phalanx wins the 79th running of the Belmont Stakes horse race! Reel 5, Mauri Rose wins the 1947 Indy 500 auto race!
2010; 1947

Universal Newsreels [electronic resource]: Politics --Ike Okays Nixon (09/25/1952)

This Universal newsreel focuses on three topics, as follows. Reel 1, Ike greets Richard Nixon at Wheeling airport; Adlai Stevenson, in Baltimore, speaks on taxes. Reel 2, Two white mice and a rhesus monkey named Albert soar 38 miles in a rocket launched from the White Sands Missile Range, making Albert "the world's first space cadet." Reel 3, The palace of exiled Farouk I of Egypt is opened, revealing American comic books and 1,000 ties.
2010; 1952


The story of Harry S. Truman's life, with comments by contemporaries and historians.
Ivy (By Request)

Modern U.S. History Unit One 1945-1960: From Cold War to Hostage Crisis

This program covers the Truman-Eisenhower years, as the United States celebrates an end to World War II, then plunges into the Cold War. Explores the anticommunist hysteria led by Joseph McCarthy and traces the course of the Korean War. Includes American response to 'Sputnik'-- and to Russia's first Atomic bomb.