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United Nations — Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
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En Route to Baghdad

"Following the invasion of Iraq, Kofi Annan asked Sergio Vieira de Mello, the most skilled mediator at the UN, to be his envoy in Baghdad. While Vieira de Mello might have been the only one who could balance the delicate situation in occupied Iraq, he was also the one person the UN - and the world - could least afford to lose. On August 19th 2003, a bomb exploded outside the UN headquarters in Baghdad. Among the 22 killed was Sergio Vieira de Mello. Years later, the shadow of uncertainity contiunes to loom heavily over Iraq. One of the most tireless and effective advocates for peace and stability the world has ever known, the Brazilian born diplomat traversed the globe using his uncommon diplomatic skills to accomplish the impossible. Traveling to four continents and featuring the st [...]
2005; 2004
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Mi Voz Cuenta: En el Proceso de Paz

"These documentaries are a project of Weather Television in partnership with the Office of the High Commissioner of United Nations for Human Rights in Colombia. Following talks between the National Government and the FARC, these documentaries aim to give voice to the victims not only of the insurgent group but also paramilitary, military and police, all within the context of internal armed conflict. The victims are a key agent in making a peace process, to build memory, avoid repetition and impunity and achieve reconciliation processes in the context of war." -- The Ministry Projects/Project Counselling Service website.
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