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The Deadly Affair

A secret agent investigates the puzzling suicide of a man he'd been watching, while dealing with the news that his wife is having an affair with his friend and protégé.
2010; 1966
Clemons (Stacks)

Every Brilliant Thing

Adaptation of an acclaimed one-character Broadway show that blends humor with poignancy in telling the story of a son who created a list of things worth living for, all in an attempt to raise the spirits of his chronically depressed mother. Includes audience participation elements.
2017; 2015
Clemons (Stacks)

Un'ora Sola Ti Vorrei

"Italian documentary filmmaker Alina Marazzi tries to piece together the life of her mother who passed away in 1972 when she was 7 years old. Through a patchwork of home movies, recordings and diary entries, Alina crafts a moving tribute to the universal power of love."--From IMDB.
2014; 2002
Clemons (Stacks)

Wan Jian Chuan Xin

In the 1990s, Wuhan, China, saleswoman Li Baoli, who is in her 40's, finds out that her husband has an affair. Heartbroken Li calls police and claims her husband is involved in prostitution. Her husband feels so dishonored. When he learns the fact that it was actually Li who called police, he commits suicide and kills himself. Their only son resents Li and tries to stay away from her after the death of his father.
Clemons (Stacks)

The Self-Made Man: A Film

Bob Stern, 77, discovers he is seriously ill, possibly dying. Thinking of an in-law on life-support, Bob decides to take his own life to avoid that end. His family tries to stop him. Bob sets up a video camera and tapes his arguments for suicide. Daughter Susan Stern tells the story of her father's interesting life and talks about difficult end-of-life choices.
Clemons (Stacks)

La Noire de .: Black Girl

A dramatic feature. A young Senegalese girl leaves to work for a European family in Antibes. The harsh treatment leads her to commit suicide.
2000; 1965
Ivy (By Request)

Looking at Abnormal Behavior [electronic resource]

Part 1 visits the Jackson Memorial Hospital Crisis Center in Miami, where suicidal, depressed, and schizophrenic patients meet with psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers to assess the nature and seriousness of their problems. It also introduces the various theories used to explain and treat abnormal behavior.

Final Call

The seniors in this film swim, dance and play golf. They are devoted to families and grandchildren, they read and engage with the world. Muriel and June lead rich, full lives but they intend to deliberately end their lives when they think the time is right. Dr. Opie, a retired surgeon who is now incapacitated, has prepared himself to end his life in two years when he thinks his life will no longer be worth living. They are among an increasingly activist minority of elderly Australians who say they want to end their lives before they are overtaken by frailty, illness or dependence. Such a radical step, they claim, is a final act of self-determination and a human right. "This is about the dignity of the end of my life," says Muriel. "I just don t want to end up as a vegetable. I don t [...]

A Journey Back

When a parent commits suicide, he or she leaves behind a wake of pain and guilt for children and spouse. It may take years for the survivors to resolve their feelings; some never do. Louise Gallup, who made this film, was nine years old when her father shot himself. She and her brothers and sisters grew into productive human beings, upstanding members of the community. But they never spoke of the personal tragedy that engulfed their family. A Journey Back is a moving account of her coming to terms, fifteen years later, with her father s suicide. Despite the family s initial reluctance to talk about their traumatic experience, it is evident that the process of opening up communication has helped all of them.

After a Suicide

When the filmmaker s mother committed suicide two weeks before her eighteenth birthday, she felt tremendous guilt and shame about the suicide. It was years before she could say out loud "My mother killed herself." She lived her life as if nothing had happened. But when she tried to commit suicide herself, she realized something was very wrong. She had to start acknowledging the feelings that she had repressed for years. She found that when she spoke about her mother s death by suicide, people did not want to hear about it. Some, however, told her they had friends or co-workers who were survivors, but that they didn t know how to discuss the subject with them. Many survivors do not talk about the suicide with anyone, even years after the event. By not talking about it, survivors have [...]

Don't Kill Yourself [electronic resource]: One Survivor's Message

This is the story of a young man, David, who at 16 years of age survived a suicide attempt. Now 22, he shares the events of his life leading up to the attempt, including how low self-esteem led to drug addiction, and how the addiction encouraged the sense that life was no longer worth living. David goes on to describe the suicide attempt, his recovery from addiction, and how he has since changed his life.
2006; 1997

Mood Disorders [electronic resource]

Mood disorders, or affective disorders, are discussed in this program filmed in the U.K., together with their symptoms and differential diagnoses. Classifications are based upon the course and severity of symptoms. The two main classifications of mood disorders-manic and depressive-are clearly defined and differentiated according to symptoms. The persistent mood disorders cyclothymia and dysthymia are discussed, along with medical causes of mood disorders, such as hypothalamic tumor. All symptoms are clearly illustrated in interviews with patients suffering from degrees of the various disorders.
2006; 1997

Depression [electronic resource]: Old Problem, New Therapy

In this program, Dr. Dennis Charney, of Yale University; Lydia Lewis, of the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association; and other mental health professionals discuss the types, symptoms, and triggers of depression as they relate both to adolescents and to adults. Promising antidepressants such as selective norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitors, Substance P antagonists, and corticotropin-releasing factor receptor antagonists are considered, as are advances in brain scan technology. The value of psychiatric counseling and peer support groups is also stressed.
2008; 2000

Childhood Depression [electronic resource]

Four to eight percent of American children experience bouts of major depression. Among teenage girls, that rate can be as high as sixteen percent. This program from The Doctor Is In emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment to avoid potential patterns of repeated depression later in life-and to prevent substance abuse and suicide. Children suffering from depression talk about how they cope with it, while child psychiatrist David G. Fassler, author of Help Me, I'm Sad, and Steven Atkins, a psychologist at Dartmouth Medical School, provide authoritative insights.
2006; 2000