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Steroids [electronic resource]

This video examines the use and abuse of anabolic steroids and GHB, a synthetic steroid-like substance and date-rape drug. Former NFL player Charles Hunt and a pharmacist, a police officer, an addiction counselor, a trainer, a swim coach, a recovering abuser, and others explore the history and biological effects of steroids, using case studies and personal experience to probe anabolic steroid abuse and the drug's many side effects. Some of these side effects include impotence, liver tumors, renal failure, and "roid rage," which can lead to violence and even suicide.
2005; 1999

Attack of the Mutants [electronic resource]: Will Genetic Doping Replace Steroids?

In the not-so-distant future, athletes and other physically active people won't use needles, pills, or stick-ons for extra strength and endurance-those traits will be cultivated genetically. But one person's athletic utopia is another's sci-fi nightmare, and the World Anti-Doping Agency is already raising the alarm. This program examines the controversy in the wider context of biomedical advances as well as in the arena of sports. Featured case studies include gene therapy experiments with mice conducted by famed researcher Dr. Nadia Rosenthal and several other genetically relevant medical examples. Renowned geneticist Dr. Theodore Freidmann is also interviewed.
2011; 2010

Steroids [electronic resource]: Big Muscles, Bigger Problems

A lot of time, energy, and media coverage has been spent trying to figure out which high-profile athletes have or have not used steroids, and whether or not the users still belong in the record books. Lost in the shuffle is the story of the damage that steroids can cause, not just to celebrity sports stars but to everyday young people - including teenage girls, the fastest-growing demographic group of steroid users in America. Hosted by reporter Tom Murray, this video brings hard facts, straight talk, and inconvenient truths to the problem of steroid use among male and female teenagers. It illustrates the biochemical basics of anabolic steroids and their synthetic relationship to testosterone; their general impact on the human anatomy and how they can be especially devastati [...]

"One Pill Makes You ...": The Brave New World of Pharmacologic Enhancement

Thomas H. Murray, Ph.D. (Professor and Director, Center for Biomedical Ethics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine) speaks on the ethical questions surrounding the use of drug enhancement versus the use of drug therapy. Dr. Murray covers such topics as individual liberty, the meaning of sports competition, fairness, complicity, and inauthenticity. William Steers, M.D. (Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatric Medicine) addresses the issues surrounding the implications of Viagra use. Dr. Steers suggests that drugs like Viagra surpass enhancement and enter the realm of miracle making. Randolph Canterbury, M.D. (Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatric Medicine) summarizes the discussion by tracing a brief history of psychotropic drugs from thorazine to lithium.
Health Sciences (Rare Shelves)