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Showdown With Iran

As the United States and Iran are locked in a battle for power and influence across the Middle East -- with the fear of an Iranian nuclear weapon looming in the background -- FRONTLINE gains unprecedented access to Iranian hard-liners shaping government policy, including parliament leader Hamid Reza Hajibabaei, National Security Council member Mohammad Jafari and state newspaper editor Hossein Shariatmadari. In this report that focuses on the tumultuous U.S.-Iran relations since 9/11, FRONTLINE examines how U.S. efforts to install democracy in Iraq have served to strengthen Iran's position as an emerging power in the Middle East. -- Publisher website:
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Guns and Butter: Hard and Soft Power

Early in 2014, Obama teased Putin that we had grown out of military solutions. That was before Russia invaded Ukraine and US bombers returned to the Middle East. Is it a fantasy to imagine the economy has replaced the barrel of the gun as the real source of power? Or is this a short route to Armageddon? The Panel Oxford historian Rana Mitter and politician Clare Short, who resigned from the cabinet over the Iraq war, are joined by Tony Blair's chief speech writer Philip Collins to question where true power lies.
2016; 2015

Obama's Iran Deal Is Good for America [electronic resource]: A Debate

In April 2015, the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom negotiated an interim nuclear deal with Iran. Finalized in July, the accord restricted Iran's development of nuclear weapons in exchange for a lifting of international economic sanctions. Supporters of the deal argued that it would rein in Iran's nuclear program and promote peace in the Middle East, but opponents argued that it was flawed and threatened U.S. interests in the region. Is President Obama's Iran deal good for America?