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Environmental Justice

A lecture by Maurice Cox on issues that emerged when dealing with an ecosystem on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Ivy (By Request)

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Economic Malpractice and the Millennials

There are 80-plus million Americans today who were born roughly between l978 and 2000, and they're getting hit hard by economic circumstances created over the past 30 years by The One Percent. How has this affected their outlook? And how does it impact Barack Obama's future? In this episode of Moyers and Company, Bill Moyers talks with a millennial who has dedicated herself to tackling the economic inequality that is destroying opportunity for her generation. At 3l, Heather McGhee directs the Washington office of Demos, a research and advocacy group that fights for financial reforms and consumer protection. Moyers also hosts conservative economist Bruce Bartlett, who worked on domestic policy for the Reagan White House, and who now argues that right-wing tax policies are destroying t [...]

The Conservatives [electronic resource]

This program chronicles the rise of the Conservative movement in America from the 1940s to the height of the Reagan era, explaining the intellectual premises of Conservatism while covering both the well-known and the less-chronicled back pages of Conservative history. It covers the Hiss-Chambers case, which galvanized the movement around the issue of anti-Communism; the organization of three Conservative think tanks; the birth of the Goldwater candidacy, the development of Conservative power within the Republican Party, and the conflict between Conservatives in the GOP and the "Eastern establishment"; the ideological evolution of Ronald Reagan; the birth of neo-Conservatism; Watergate; the emergence of the New Right; and the influence of supply-side economics. In addition to documen [...]

Theodore Roosevelt [electronic resource]

This episode of Perspectives tells the story of one of history's most vital, energetic, and flamboyant personalities. Theodore Roosevelt became the chief executive of the United States, but he was also an explorer, scientist, statesman, historian, and a great patriot.

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Decoding the Campaigns

We are saturated with deceptive political advertising, aided and abetted now with spending by citizens, corporations, and super PACs that seem to know no bounds. In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers asks political communication expert and master media decoder Kathleen Hall Jamieson to separate fact from fiction in the national campaigns thus far. Jamieson runs the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, including the sites and

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Social Activism 2.0 - How Citizens Are Standing Up for Democracy

American history is rich with stories of social change inspired by the actions of motivated individuals and organized groups. Today's activists are no different - facing long odds against powerful and systemic special interests. In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers talks with young but very experienced organizers George Goehl, Ai-Jen Poo, and Sarita Gupta, all involved with a nationwide citizens' initiative called the 99% Spring, which took place the week of April 9, 2012. Organizers aimed to train 100,000 Americans to teach about income inequality in homes, places of worship, campuses, and the streets. The program concludes with a Moyers essay on what citizens can do to find out who's paying for all those political ads running on their local television stations.

Moyers on America [electronic resource]: The Net @ Risk

A boon to computer users, broadband has meant fast Internet service for millions. But as the phone and cable giants that operate these networks consider the profits to be made by controlling the content and delivery of the Internet, Net neutrality-and the easy sharing of ideas and opinions that goes with it-may soon become a thing of the past in America. In this program, Bill Moyers and journalist Rick Karr report on the struggle for the soul of the Internet as lobbyists and legislators reshape the telecom laws for the broadband era. Will democracy's high-tech forum for the exchange of ideas be destroyed by regulations that favor online entities with deep pockets?

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Hispanic America's Turn

By 2050, Hispanics are projected to number 132 million and represent 30 percent of the U.S. population. And as that population evolves, so does their political power; since 2008, America's Latino voting population has grown 22 percent. In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill goes beyond the numbers with two of our nation's most popular and influential journalists: Univision's Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas. In a candid and comprehensive discussion, Ramos and Salinas discuss their responsibilities both as reporters and representatives of their culture, their aggressive journalistic approaches to both President Obama and Governor Romney, and their strong takes on immigration issues that mean so much to a potentially decisive voting bloc in 2012. Also included is an essay on a yo [...]

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Nuns, Faith, and Politics

Weeks before Paul Ryan was selected to run for vice president, Sister Simone Campbell - who heads NETWORK, a Catholic social justice lobby - hit the road to protest the so-called "Ryan budget" recently passed by the House of Representatives. She and some of her sister nuns rolled across the heartland on a bus trip designed to arouse public concern over what the Ryan plan would mean for social services in America, especially its slashing of programs for the poor. Sister Simone says that Ryan's budget is inconsistent with Catholic teachings, and although the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops agrees, other Catholics say the NETWORK nuns have crossed the line. Robert Royal, editor in chief of The Catholic Thing and founder of the Faith & Reason Institute, believes that issues of econom [...]

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: The Resurrection of Ralph Reed

When Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, was discovered to have raked in millions of dollars from the super-lobbyist-and eventually convicted felon-Jack Abramoff, he wound up in political purgatory. Then, outraged by the election of Barack Obama, Reed returned to start the Faith and Freedom Coalition with the aim of ousting President Obama from the White House. To succeed, though, Reed needs to win the allegiance of many of the trusting Christian followers he duped and double-crossed while working with Abramoff. This edition of Moyers & Company tracks Reed's rise, fall, and return. Also on the show, Bill talks with Mike Lofgren, a long-time Republican who says the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism transformed his party and created a de facto religious t [...]

DEFORCE [electronic resource]: The Past, Present, and Future of Detroit

Once viewed as a model for urban America, Detroit has experienced what many believe to be the worst downturn in living standards and population of any large American city. Exactly how and why such a dramatic change occurred is still being debated, but the answers will undoubtedly shed light on challenges facing the U.S. as a whole. This documentary searches for the causes behind Motor City's disturbing decline. Questioning a widely held explanation that focuses on the collapse of the automobile industry, the film argues that Detroit's woes are largely political in nature. Viewers learn about vast socioeconomic differences between the city and neighboring communities and how issues connected to these disparities were mismanaged by federal, state, and local officials for decades. In to [...]

The Legacy of Barbara Jordan [electronic resource]

This program is a memorable look at the rhetoric of legendary orator Barbara Jordan. Included in their entirety are her 1974 statement on impeachment, 1976 DNC keynote address, 1988 VP nomination, and 1992 DNC keynote address. These speeches along with biographical narration and comments from her memorial service make this a valuable resource for any classroom.

The Rhetorical Highlights From the Impeachment of Bill Clinton [electronic resource]

This program focuses on memorable speeches from the rare political event of the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. Informative and discussion-provoking.

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Capitalism and Democracy

In this edition of Moyers Company, former Federal Election Commission Chairman Trevor Potter dissects the spending on the most expensive election in American history. Many voices are claiming that money didn't matter, and that Citizens United wasn't a factor, but Potter disagrees. "Super PACs just upped the ante," he tells Bill. "If you're a senator and you have just been elected, or heaven forbid you're up in two years, you're thinking 'I don't have time to worry about deficit reduction and the fiscal cliff. I have to raise tens of thousands of dollars every day to have enough money to compete with these new super PACs... And that means I need to be nice to a lot of billionaires who often want something from me in order to find the funding for my campaign.'

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Have Conservatives Lost Their Way?

In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill talks with former Republican Congressman Mickey Edwards-a founding father of modern conservative politics-who shares his perspective on the fiscal cliff debate, the influence of tax pledger Grover Norquist, and why both political parties require radical change. Edwards chaired the Republican Policy Committee, was a founding trustee of the conservative Heritage Foundation, and served as National Chairman of the American Conservative Union. Also during the show, Bill offers his own perspective on why there's more to Norquist's unusual pledge than ideology or principle.
2012; 2013

Great Speeches: Volume 5 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and Robert F. Kennedy [electronic resource]

This video features five landmark speeches: Franklin D. Roosevelt's first inaugural address; Franklin D. Roosevelt's declaration of war; Lyndon B. Johnson's 1965 Voting Rights Act speech; Ronald Reagan's tribute to the Challenger astronauts; and Robert F. Kennedy's eulogy for Martin Luther King Jr.

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Is Labor a Lost Cause?

Bill Moyers begins this episode of Moyers & Company by explaining how the 2012 Supreme Court decision to not reconsider Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission exposes the hoax perpetrated by Citizens United that the group was fighting to support free speech. Moyers also discusses a disturbing Supreme Court ruling that restricts labor unions from directing collected dues toward political causes - although there is no such limit on corporations. With a sharp decline in union membership, a legion of new enemies, and legal and legislative setbacks, can unions rebound and once again act strongly in the interest of ordinary workers? Moyers talks to two people who can best answer the question: Stephen Lerner, the architect of the Justice for Janitors movement; and Bill Fletcher Jr., [...]

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: The One-Percent Court

Because of partisan gridlock in D.C., the Supreme Court has become the most powerful and outspoken branch of government; decisions they make shape our democracy's fate for generations to come. Now, one has only to look at Bush v. Gore, Citizens United, and the Affordable Care Act rulings to understand why some call it a "one-percent Court" - dedicated by majority rule to preserving the power and influence of a minority of wealthy special interests. In this edition of Moyers & Company, The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel and Jamie Raskin, constitutional law professor and Maryland state senator, join Bill to discuss how the uncontested power of the Supreme Court is changing our elections, our country, and our lives. Also on the show, Bill talks with Craig Unger, author of Boss Rove [...]