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The Whiskey Rebellion

Dramatization of scenes from the Whiskey rebellion, introduced by intertitles.

Amish Riddle

This fascinating film on the Amish in Pennsylvania shows a dynamic people, who, contrary to popular belief, are not relics frozen in time. Through gentle modification of their rules they are able to prosper in commercial enterprises. While they shun modern conveniences that may pull the community apart, they are permitted to use them in their businesses. The romantic image of the Amish on horse drawn carriages is only part of the story. In reality they are allowed to use trucks and taxis in their work, as long as they don t own vehicles or drive themselves. Telephones can be used for business communications but not for social calls. Even electricity can be brought into workshops. We meet an Amish family and learn from them how they conduct their daily life. Sociologist Dr. Donald Kra [...]

Battlefield Detectives: Civil War :Gettysburg

July 1-3, 1863: Over three hot days, Union and Confederate forces clashed in and around a small Pennsylvania town. When the Battle of Gettysburg ended, the two exhausted sides had inflicted more than 50,000 casualties upon one another--the largest battle ever fought on American soil. The third day is considered the Confederacy's "high-water mark"--When General Robert E. Lee lost the decisive battle of the Civil War. But scientific battlefield evidence now suggests that by the time the artillery began firing that day, the Confederate fight was already doomed. And when Pickett's Charge--the famous full frontal attack against Union lines--got underway, the battle effectively was over. Experts in physics, geology, crowd control, and cartography join forces with military historians to bet [...]

Local Color

In 1974, in the suburb of Port Chester, New York, the teenage aspirant artist John Talia has a troubled relationship with his homophobic father who does not understand John's talent. While visiting his friend Yammi, John finds that the genius Russian painter Nicoli Seroff lives nearby. He decides to pay a visit to his idol. John finds a bitter alcoholic who is still grieving the loss of his wife Anya. Somehow, he successfully befriends the master. When Nicoli travels to the countryside in Pennsylvania, he invites John to go with him to teach him how to paint. John meets Nicoli's neighbor Carla who grieves the loss of her son, and the arrogant critic of art and Nicolai's friend Curtis Sunday. Along their vacation, the synergy of Nicoli and John improves their individual lives.
2009; 2006
Clemons (Stacks)

The Village

In a quiet, isolated village in old Pennsylvania, there lies a pact between the people of the village and the creatures who reside in the surrounding woods. The townspeople do not enter the woods, and the creatures do not enter the village. The pact stays intact for many years, that is until the headstrong Lucius Hunt seeks medical supplies from neighboring towns beyond the woods. Animal carcasses begin to appear around the village, causing the elders to fear for the safety of the village, the sanctity of the pact, and so much more.
2005; 2004
Clemons (Stacks)