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May I Help You? Commendable Customer Service [electronic resource]

This video teaches beginning workers how to provide good customer service through maintaining a good attitude, projecting positive body language, using the correct tone of voice, and developing rapport with the customer. Also explains and demonstrates proven techniques to placate angry customers. Better service leads to customer satisfaction and is good for both the career of the capable employees and future of the company.
2006; 1992

Is It Sexual Harassment? [electronic resource]

Scenarios Video and Workbook. This is the perfect complement to Sexual Harassment: Crossing the Line. The workbook reinforces materials covered and provides exercises which help users relate the information to themselves. It includes thought-provoking scenarios and asks viewers to decide if each scene depicts a sexual harassment situation. Can be used as a stand-alone unit for educating groups or individuals about what actions constitute sexual harassment, how it affects people, and specific steps that can be taken to stop a harasser. A great discussion starter and an effective means for creating awareness of inappropriate behavior.
2008; 1994

Facing the Challenge [electronic resource]: Issues in the Job Search for People of Color

This program takes the viewer through the intensely personal stories of several ethnically diverse storytellers. From learning to speak English to teenage motherhood and blatant discrimination, all the participants share how they were able to beat the odds and gain employment. Each story offers insight into the issues that affect minorities, while experts offer some explanation and advice about overcoming obstacles in the job search process.
2006; 1999

Accepting the Challenge [electronic resource]: Issues on the Job for People of Color

Focusing on the issues that can arise during employment, this ethnically diverse program shares the often frustrating and dramatic experiences minorities often face while on the job. Experts advise on how to deal constructively with problems such as racism, verbal abuse, and ignorance. Participants give an eye-opening account of how these problems exist at all levels of employment, from the fast-food industry to the corporate advertising world.
2006; 1999

Fair Play [electronic resource]: Achieving Gender Equity in the Digital Age

How will America close the gender gap that exists in technology, to empower female students? Set at Fulmore Middle School in Austin, Texas, this program exposes counterproductive classroom behaviors and presents measures being taken to correct the misperception that computing is a males-only domain. The Director of the Center for Gender Equity, the author of SchoolGirls, the creators of and, and others scrutinize issues including equal computer access in the classroom, attitude barriers both in class and out, and efforts to develop software and Web sites that enfranchise female users rather than reinforce gender stereotypes.
2005; 1999

Feedback on the Job [electronic resource]: Accepting Criticism

Video version. Viewers meet two young managers who help workers with appropriate responses to feedback in different work situations. Whether feedback is true, unclear, or downright false, we discover how to respond in a way that enables us to develop confidence, separate our reactions from our feelings, and learn from the situation. Using live-action video, the CD-ROM program guides the user through a series of learning objectives and interactive testing to make sure the information is absorbed. After each section of the video, pertinent questions are asked. If viewers give the wrong answer, they will automatically be taken back to review the video component containing the answer. When they are finished, users can print out a certificate of completion which can be turned in to the co [...]
2006; 1997

Getting Along With Your Supervisor [electronic resource]

The relationship between supervisors and support staff members can often run off the smooth road of productivity. The major reason for problems between supervisors and staff is a lack of effective, open communication. This program is a dramatization of one employee's problems with his supervisor. The information he receives from the company's personnel manager gets him on track with how to cope with his supervisor's dramatically different work style. Basic tips for effective supervisor/employee relationships are also given, stressing that when support staff helps to make the supervisor look good, it reflects positively upon the staff as well.
2006; 1995

Conflict Resolution and Etiquette [electronic resource]

The ability to defuse confrontation and arrive at a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved is a quality that all employers value. This video illustrates how to courteously resolve office conflicts by depersonalizing them, opening the lines of communication, and examining all options in order to come to an agreement. Brainstorming with coworkers is presented as a means of developing consensus.
2005; 2000

Problem Solving [electronic resource]

We make plans based on events proceeding as they should, but, in reality, problems arise more often than not. One of the most important sets of skills, in or out of the office, is problem solving. This program, presented in seminar format, addresses the creative and efficient channeling of energy to resolve problems. A unique five-step method for solving problems is described, and detailed exercises are presented.
2008; 1988

Problems of Working Women [electronic resource]

This program examines the pressures facing working women with small children: salaries too low to pay for proper care and supervision of their children during the work day, inadequate or unavailable child-care facilities, little or no help with household maintenance. The locale of the program is Dallas, but the experiences are national.
2005; 1987

Secrets of Negotiating Profitable Sales [electronic resource]

The difference between making a sale and making a profitable sale means more than just an extra zero or two on the bottom line. This program narrated by Bob Kimball-author of the American Marketing Association's popular AMA Handbook for Successful Selling and professor of marketing at the University of West Florida-emphasizes the importance of negotiating win-win sales. Key discussion points include getting everything on the table before beginning to negotiate, remembering that price is only one element of the total package, and never making a concession without receiving one in return.
2006; 1999

Sexual Harassment [electronic resource]

Using the EEOC definition of sexual harassment, this program shows how this damaging and expensive problem in the workplace takes place, how situations get out of hand, and how the problem can be addressed and stopped. It reviews all the well-worn excuses for ignoring harassment, provides suggestions for action if harassment is suspected, and highlights the cost of failing to take action at various stages of harassment.
2008; 1991

Sexual Harassment [electronic resource]: News at Six

When a group of middle school students happens to see a local news story on sexual harassment, they decide to build a school project around this interesting but often misunderstood topic. Using a video camera, they roam the halls of their school and discover, to their amazement, that sexual harassment is alive and well, even in the middle school. Through tasteful dramatizations, some very real issues are explored including a working definition of sexual harassment and some clear examples designed to relate to viewers. This is an excellent introduction to a difficult topic. At various points in the video, viewers are asked to stop the tape and discuss specific questions relating to information they have just seen. They will see an example of sexual harassment and decide if it's true, [...]
2005; 1998

Stress Management [electronic resource]

Poor stress management, stemming from factors such as impending deadlines, work overload, and procrastination, can lead directly to burnout, one of the top reasons for quitting a job. This video identifies workplace stressors and offers guidelines for reducing their impact to a safe level. Proven principles of stress management, including proper nutrition, adequate rest, and non-work-related pastimes, are emphasized as keys to good health and better overall job performance.
2005; 2000

Thank You for Calling! [electronic resource]: Effective Telephone Techniques

This video provides students with the basic skills needed to handle all types of business telephone communications. Shows the viewer how to deal with the proper procedures for answering the telephone, taking messages, screening calls, and handling irate callers. Presents the steps for placing calls, including a brief look at the telephone directory, local and long distance calls, efficient use of the telephone, and more.
2006; 1992

General Motors [electronic resource]: From Dream to Downfall

Comparisons between General Motors and the Titanic are unfortunate, but inevitable. Confusing luxury with reliability, favoring a bloated status quo over true innovation, and ignoring a host of danger signals, GM finally fell victim to its own errors. This ABC News program studies the economic icebergs that sent the company into bankruptcy-as well as the technological life rafts that could, if properly utilized, save it from oblivion. Outlining the crippled juggernaut's glory days and its entry into troubled waters during the 1970s and '80s, the video documents plant closings, the 2008 auto industry bailout, and GM's struggle to produce viable electric and hybrid vehicles. Guests include Why GM Matters author William Holstein, former Presidential car czar Steve Rattner, and former Ge [...]
2010; 2009

The Future of Collaboration [electronic resource]

Adopting the next generation of technology, planning for future innovation, investing in R&D to stay ahead - these steps are all essential to the survival of any company, and, as this CNBC program demonstrates, they are all linked to collaboration. Viewers enter the digital world of Second Life, where people can meet, communicate, and even work together. Also discussed: vital lessons learned by Apple, a company that found new life after collaboration. Expert commentators include Jeff Howe, contributing editor at Wired magazine and author of the essay "The Rise of Crowdsourcing"; Richard Florida, author of the best-sellers Who's Your City? and The Rise of the Creative Class; Judy Estrin, author of Closing the Innovation Gap; Michael Boustridge, president of BT Americas; Tina Seelig, e [...]

Controlling Meetings [electronic resource]

Have you ever considered how much time and energy is wasted because meetings do not efficiently achieve their goals? This video is a no-nonsense approach to managing meetings by looking at how to control the agenda, time, participation, difficult people, decision-making, and how to push for specific outcomes.

Designing and Delivering a Training Session [electronic resource]

This program is designed for managers and supervisors who have to deliver short technical or informational training sessions to their team. The user-friendly and enjoyable format will help viewers discover how to use adult learning principles to design a session.

Developing a Training Plan [electronic resource]

Whether you run a small company or a team in a large organization, this program will show you where to start in developing a training plan. Learn how to analyze training needs, plan appropriate training sessions, and evaluate outcomes.