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The Fall of Quebec

1756—the beginning of the Seven Years’ War, which amongst others sets France against England. The conflict spreads throughout Europe, India, and North America. On the American continent, the war is considerable, weakening the French effort as the British strive to eliminate all French presence there. In 1759 the British launch their offensive and besiege the city of Quebec. After several months of siege, the besieged are beginning to run out of supplies. The French general Montcalm organizes several convoys. Wolfe, the English general, seizes the chance: he sends several of his ships to Quebec, which the French guards allow to pass, believing them to be the relief. By the time the ploy is discovered by the French, it is already too late. After their successful landing, the British, s [...]

Doctors of Death

Doctors and scientists have long experimented on humans to perfect deadly weapons. This film takes us to the 1930s, when Japan’s notorious Unit 731 deliberately infected towns with the plague, and sufferers were dissected alive. In Germany, doctors like Josef Mengele killed enemy prisoners in inhumane ways. It was the start of a vicious chemical arms race continuing throughout the Cold War.
2017; 2010

Riding the Tiger (1961-1963)

Kennedy inspires idealistic Americans to serve their country and wrestles with how deeply to get involved in South Vietnam. As the autocratic Diem regime faces a communist insurgency and Buddhist protests, a political crisis unfolds.
2018; 2017

The Fall of France

When Hitler claimed restitution of Sudetenland, France and Britain abandoned their ally. Ignoring offers to help defend the Czechs, French leaders met with Hitler in Munich in Sep. 1938. Hitler performed like a statesmen, and French leaders signed a treaty that was in fact a death warrant for their own countries. Hitler felt that the floodgates were open and the wave became unstoppable.
2017; 2014

Iran-Iraq War

Iraqi troops stormed Iran in 1980, expecting an easy victory. The Iranians rallied their much-larger population, and were able to push the invaders out.
2017; 2003

First Day

Historian Peter Barton explores the events leading up to and on the bloody first day of the offensive. Walking the battlefield, he explains the failures that led to over 20,000 British deaths and argues that to get a better understanding of events, one should not only confront what the British did badly but what their enemy did better. Based on research in German archives, Barton shows just how much they knew in advance about Allied plans through captured documents and interrogations of British prisoners and deserters.
2017; 2016

The Draft

The question of who serves in America's military continues to shape battle strategy and foreign policy today. Ever since Lincoln imposed a national draft in the Civil War to the conflicts of the Vietnam era, forced military service has torn the nation apart-and sometimes, as in WWII, united Americans in a common purpose. The Draft tells the story of how a single, controversial issue continues to define the United States.
2017; 2015

The War in Italy

In an initial failed attempt to become a partner the equal of Germany in the Axis Alliance, Mussolini ordered his troops towards the British positions in Egypt in September 1940. Mussolini, feeling secure in the shadow of Hitler's apparent invincibility, never dreamt that the War between Britain and Italy would culminate in his own death less than 5 years later.
2017; 2014

A Short History of Nuclear Folly

In the spirit of Dr. Strangelove, this film is a blackly sardonic people’s history of atomic blunders and near-misses that reveals the hushed-up and forgotten episodes in which the great powers gambled with catastrophe. The film tells stories such as that of the accidental drop of a nuclear weapon on the house of train conductor Walter Gregg, the perilous shoot of a John Wayne movie in a radioactive canyon, and the loss of four hydrogen bombs in Greenland.
2017; 2013

Stephen Ambrose With George McGovern: The Wild Blue (8/16/01)

Stephen Ambrose's book "The Wild Blue"tells the story of the men who flew B-24s over Germany during WWII; Lt. George McGovern and his team are of particular focus in the book. In this interview, Ambrose explains why he wrote about the most built aircraft from American production lines andMcGovern reflects on his war surface becoming known to the general public.
2017; 2001

Resolve (January 1966-June 1967)

North Vietnamese troops and materiel stream down the Ho Chi Minh Trail into the South. As an antiwar movement builds back home, soldiers and Marines discover that the war they are fighting in Vietnam is nothing like their fathers’ war.
2018; 2017

On Eagles' Wings: The American Air Force in WWII in Color

December 1941—the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, bringing the USA into WWII. Many young Americans are drafted into the Army Air Forces and sent to England. Their mission: to destroy the industrial machine that supplies Hitler's forces, preparing the way for the liberation of Europe. Using memoirs and diaries, we chronicle the experiences of ordinary young men who risked extraordinary danger.
2017; 2012

Battle of Berlin

The mantle of invisibility surrounding German forces had slipped an fallen since Stalingrad and panzer units suffering heavy loses. A revitalized red army began to payback hitler in a brutal attack as the last months of ww2 passed. Stalin was obsessed with the significance of one town which brought the most terrible end to WW2 in Berlin that anyone could have imagined.
2017; 2014

Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq: Dan Rather Reports

On this episode of Dan Rather Reports, a candid conversation with the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, General Raymond Odierno on the drawdown of American forces.
2016; 2010

The History of the World (April 1969-May 1970)

With morale plummeting in Vietnam, President Nixon begins withdrawing American troops. As news breaks of an unthinkable massacre committed by American soldiers, the public debates the rectitude of the war.
2018; 2017

The Falklands War

The Battle between the UK and Argentina over claims to the Falkland Islands systematically merged weapons technology of air, sea, and ground. A UK invasion yielded a bombardment of speed, weaponry, and destruction.
2017; 2003

The Debacle

Inspired by newsreels, France, England, and Germany reveal their versions of the “truth” to their citizens. Between September 1939 and June 1940, we view how each side saw the inexorable plunge Europe took into chaos.
2018; 2010

The Weight of Memory (March 1973-Onward)

While the Watergate scandal rivets Americans’ attention, the Vietnamese continue in a civil war. When North Vietnamese troops pour into the South, Saigon collapses. For the next 40 years, all sides search for healing and reconciliation.
2018; 2017

D-Day in HD: Part 1

Codenamed Operation Overlord, the battle also known as D-Day began on June 6, 1944, , when some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France's Normandy region. For the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Nazi-held Europe, this two-part series tells the story of D-Day in HD. Rare footage is rendered in High Definition, then combined with interviews from the men who lived through it. Part one covers the paratrooper landing behind enemy lines, failed air and artillery support efforts, the coastal approach, and the struggle to capture Omaha Beach, where thousands of U.S. infantrymen were mowed down before even reaching dry land.
2017; 2014

Things Fall Apart (January 1968-July 1968)

On the Tet holiday, North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces launch attacks on cities and military bases throughout the South, suffering devastating losses but casting doubt on Johnson’s promise that there is “light at the end of the tunnel.”
2018; 2017