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Unprecedented Access Inside an Interrogation Room [electronic resource]

The room is small, soundproofed, stripped of all decoration. Two chairs face each other in silent enmity. They are the only equipment needed for the game about to unfold-a high-stakes mental interplay between suspect and interrogator. With unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Houston Police Department's homicide division, this ABC News program offers a rare glimpse into the tactics investigators use to get people to talk. Chris Cuomo reports on murder investigations in which Sgt. Brian Harris, one of the department's most respected interrogators, is able to extract confessions from resistant suspects. In discussing the effectiveness of coercive interview techniques, Sgt. Harris readily disavows them, saying he prefers to establish trust and an atmosphere of human dignity [...]

Crime 360 [electronic resource]: Welcome to Homicide

This pilot episode of Crime 360: Welcome to Homicide minutely details the investigation into a murder in Richmond, Virginia. The mystery begins as Detective Shane Waite is called to a local apartment complex where a bound murder victim is found inside the trunk of his car. There are no known witnesses or original crime scene; we watch as forensic evidence is gathered from the body and physical evidence is discovered in the car. A 911 tip from witness finally helps move the investigation to a conclusion.

Interrogation Techniques on the Street and at HQ [electronic resource]

Proper questioning can be a key ingredient in solving crimes and providing evidence for conviction. This program delivers vital information for both the patrol officer interrogating a subject at the scene and the detective back at headquarters. Cases are made and broken through the interrogation process. Learn the proper techniques from experts.

All About Forensic Science [electronic resource]

Unlike what's seen on TV crime shows, forensic science often requires weeks or months to produce results, and-although it's far from boring-it rarely involves confronting a suspect. This program debunks pop-culture stereotypes and illuminates the real-world chemistry, biology, and physics of criminology. Exploring three main forensic science disciplines-field work, lab analysis, and medical examination-the program shows how crime scenes are defined and protected; how blood, DNA, fingerprints, cloth fibers, spent ammunition, and other forms of physical evidence are gathered and studied; and how autopsies, dentistry, toxicology, and psychology come into play.

Forensic Science in Action [electronic resource]: From Crime Scene to Courtroom

What happens when a deadly crime takes place and law enforcement puts all of its scientific resources into action? Can forensic science really solve a murder? This program follows scientists through a dramatized investigation, from the discovery of the crime scene through various stages of evidence analysis to the presentation of findings in court. Instead of Hollywood hype, viewers are given a realistic portrayal of the forensic science process, including field photography, evidence recording, victim identification, DNA profiling, fingerprint readings (complete with an explanation of print types and ridge analysis) and much more. Set in Australia.
2009; 2007

Evidence and Forensics [electronic resource]: Due Process

No matter how careful they are, criminals almost always leave some trace of their identity behind. In this program, legal and forensic experts explain different types of evidence and how each is gathered and used in court. The work of various forensic specialists is described, and the Hollywood version of crime scene investigation is compared to what really happens at a site and in the lab. The video also looks at a few drawbacks of digital evidence and at how fingerprinting stacks up against DNA samples-the new gold standard in crime detection.

Inside the DEA [electronic resource]: National Geographic Explorer

With exclusive access to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) global narco-terrorism agents, this program takes us inside the shadowy world of illegal arms trafficking. Inside the DEA reveals the inner workings of a sting operation designed to bring down one of the world's most prolific and untouchable criminals.

Walker, Texas Ranger: The Final Season

A modern-day hero who still believes in living the frontier code, Cordell Walker's methods are right out of the Old West-- but his independent ways pay off when it comes to putting bad guys behind bars. With his partner James "Jimmy" Trivette, ex-Ranger buddy C.D. Parker, and beautiful assistant D.A. Alex Cahill, Walker takes a hands-on, no-holds-barred approach to fighting injustice in one thrilling, action-packed case after another.
2005; 2000
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