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TEDTalks: Victoria Pratt—How Judges Can Show Respect

In halls of justice around the world, how can we ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect? A pioneering judge in New Jersey, Victoria Pratt shares her principles of "procedural justice"—four simple, thoughtful steps that redefined the everyday business of her courtroom in Newark, changing lives along the way. "When the court behaves differently, naturally people respond differently," Pratt says. "We want people to enter our halls of justice ... and know that justice will be served there."
2018; 2017

Bill Moyers Journal: Justice for Sale

This edition of the Journal takes a hard look at how campaign cash in judicial elections could prejudice America’s courts as it revisits the 1999 Frontline special “Justice for Sale.” Afterward, Bill Moyers is joined by legal analyst and journalist Jeffrey Toobin to talk about the boost that has been given to the unwholesome relationship between big money and judicial elections by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision. The program concludes with an essay on the increasing cohabitation of state and corporate power and the likely eventual result of that association: nothing less than the corporate takeover of democracy. Broadcast date: February 19, 2010. (57 minutes)
2016; 2010

Prison, My Family, and Me

What is it like when a family member gets locked up? How do you cope emotionally or financially? Can you really forgive someone who commits a terrible crime? This documentary film examines what it is like for family members when a loved one gets on the wrong side of the law. Filmed over 18 months, it follows the lives of four young people as they grapple with the challenges that come with loving someone who has been convicted of a crime. Prison, My Family, and Me is a moving, powerful and distinctive perspective on crime through young people's eyes, revealing their courage and determination to overcome adversity.
2019; 2012

Locked Angels

Lisa Ling gains unprecedented access to the Los Angeles County Jail to understand what it takes to manage the country's busiest jail.
2019; 2016

Age of Consent

In this episode, Lisa explores the legal and social consequences of convicting adolescents and young adults of sex offenses - when does teenage sexuality cross the line and become a crime?
2019; 2017

Sins of the Father

Lisa Ling investigates sexual assault survivors who are fighting in court to deny the men that raped them, visitation with their child.
2019; 2016

Indecent Liberties

In 1994 convicted child rapist Jesse Timmendaquas moved into a New Jersey suburb with two other ex-cons after serving his sentence. Soon after, he raped and murdered seven-year-old Megan Kanka who lived across the street. The crime shocked America and Megan's mother began an immediate campaign claiming her daughter's killer was a time bomb left ticking in their midst. Megan's Law, signed by President Bill Clinton in May 1996, requires authorities to notify schools and neighbors when released sex offenders move in to their area. While Jesse Timmendaquas is in prison awaiting trial, Megan's Law is currently being fought in the courts on a constitutional basis.
2019; 2000

Child Welfare Placement Facility: General Perspectives

Damar Services is a residential placement facility providing children with developmental disabilities the services they need to become independent, including formerly incarcerated youth. Staff members at Damar discuss the various levels of treatment and programs. The video also includes counselor and educational staff interviews and footage of children going through Damar programs.
2018; 2015

Juvenile Court Hearing: Schaefer Child Welfare Hearing

Juvenile court hearing involving parents involved in a custody dispute, three children being placed in emergency foster care, paternity issues, and arrest warrants.
2018; 2012

Inside Prison: Cell Interview

From inside a prison cell, teenager Zach describes his extreme anger issues, his charges of arson, being a repeat offender, destruction of his prison cell, and what it's like to be placed in a prison restraint chair.
2018; 2012

Inside Prison: Interview With Inmate Anthony Jenkins

Behind-the-scenes interview with a teenage offender inside prison as he talks about shooting someone in his neighborhood, anger issues, guns, peer pressure, and self-reflection.
2018; 2012

Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura: Interview 1

Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura discusses the issue of teenage runaway, how kids come into the juvenile system, parents calling police on their own children, parenting issues, and what parents should know once they become intertwined with the juvenile system.
2018; 2005

Michael: Adult Prison Interview

From inside his prison cell, 18-year-old Michael discusses what led to his 3-year prison sentence. Cameras follow Michael as he is moved across the prison yard from the 50-bed prison youth unit into the massive prison cellblocks where 2,000 adult prisoners await.
2018; 2014

Interview: Department of Child Services Director Jim Payne on Caseworkers

Department of Child Services Director Jim Payne discusses the emotional toll the work takes on caseworkers, what to expect on the job, the shocking scenes caseworkers confront, and training issues.
2018; 2010

Police Detective Patrick Harnette: Interview

A dectective with the juvenile branch of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department discusses general persepctives on working with juveniles, investigating juvenile offenses and techniques of interviewing juveniles, and crossover cases that move from juvenile to adult-level offenses.
2018; 2009

State Supreme Court Justices: Interview

Two Indiana State Supreme Court justices discuss their previous jobs as juvenile judges, the wrenching realities of juvenile cases, the role of the courts, crossover youth, and the case of a 14-year-old boy who was sentenced to prison with no family, no guardian, and no legal counsel.
2018; 2012

Juvenile Delinquency: Paradize Interview

Behind-the-scenes interview with 15-year-old Paradize, who is locked up in juvenile detention. Paradize discusses her home life, running away, an alcoholic father, domestic abuse, depression, rape, bipolar disorder, anger management, and family counseling.
2018; 2012

Child Welfare Closed-Door Executive Meeting

Child welfare executives gather for a closed-door meeting to discuss challenges and solutions for Indiana's most difficult juvenile cases, including cases that involve children with intellectual and developmental disabilities currently serving time in maximum-security juvenile prison.
2018; 2014

Inside Prison: Intake Interview

Inside the juvenile prison intake interview process with a teen offender who pleads his case to probation intake staff.
2018; 2015

Solitary Nation

With extraordinary access, award-winning producer and director Dan Edge (Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown, Kill/Capture, The Wounded Platoon) takes you to the epicenter of the raging debate about prison reform. Solitary Nation brings you an up-close, graphic look at a solitary confinement unit in Maine's maximum security prison.
2018; 2014