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Walt Whitman and the Civil War

From the historic battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, distinguished actor Richard Kiley and The First Poetry Quartet present a memorable program of Walt Whitman's poems about the Civil War. Out of the turmoil of this war came Whitman's Drum-Taps—poetry that spoke not only of the tragedy of the conflict, but also to the promise of a young nation and its people.
2017; 1999

Michael Chabon: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (4/19/01)

Michael Chabon highlights escape, illusion, and art in the shadow of the Holocaust in his fictional novelThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. In this interview, Chabonshares his thoughts onwinning the Pulitzer Prize,outlines the story of his novel, discusses intermixing humor and tragedy, reads portions of his book, and more.
2017; 2001

Shakespeare in Perspective: Richard III

A personal view of the play presented by Rosemary Anne Sisson.
2017; 1983

Richard Russo: Empire Falls (5/7/02)

In his novel Empire Falls, author Richard Russo tells the stories of Empire Grill manager Miles Robyand the residents ofa blue-collartown in Maine. In this interview, Russo discusses the character development of Roby, what he wanted to accomplishwiththe novel, his connection to Roby, and more.
2017; 2002

Shakespeare in Perspective: Timon of Athens

Malcolm Muggeridge presents his personal view of Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens.
2017; 1981

The Character and Education of Gwendolen Harleth

In the second of an eight part lecture series on “Daniel Deronda,” Professor Ruth Wisse examines George Eliot’s modern heroine Gwendolen Harleth. An expert on Yiddish and Jewish literature and winner of the National Humanities Medal, Wisse analyzes how Gwendolen’s upbringing contributes to her character flaws. We learn about her inappropriate education, absent father, overindulgent mother, and lack of a home base or religious guidance. Her attraction to Daniel stems from a desire for moral guidance, and she struggles with her conscience when deciding to marry Grandcourt. However, rather using Gwendolen as a precautionary tale, Eliot elicits reader sympathy and links her plight to the complex challenges facing 19th century British society.

Unexplained Laughter

Diana Rigg stars as Lydia who, after a disastrous love affair, retreats from London to a remote cottage in Wales with her friend and confidante. The two find themselves increasingly drawn into the lives and intrigues of the local community. Then Lydia starts to hear laughter...
2017; 1989

Shakespeare in Perspective: Henry IV Part 2

Fred Emery offers a personal view of the play Henry IV Part II. He regards Shakespeare as "the master of all political journalists" who movingly portrays the agonizing pressures of "life at the top."
2017; 1979

The Pickwick Papers: Episode 6

A twelve-part BBC Adaptation of Charles Dickens' first novel. In this episode, Mr. Pickwick travels to London to see Dodson and Fogg to demand an explanation for the breach of Ppromise of marriage litigation. Starring Nigel Stock, Clive Swift, Alan Parnaby, and Jeremy Nicholas.
2017; 1985

Benjamin Zephaniah

The British Library’s vaults hold a staggering record of the UK, and the world’s culture, history and society. The collections range from maps to stamps, scientific discoveries to illuminated Bibles, Anne Boleyn’s handwriting and Oscar Wilde’s tales. Now radical poet Benjamin Zephaniah will delve into this truly unique store house, finding six individual treasures that speak to him. Benjamin is a passionate believer that libraries are the true universities of the streets—now he has the chance explore the greatest library on Earth. Each item Benjamin discovers taps into one of his greatest interests and passions. A private obsession with banknote collecting leads to one of the very first ever printed; and passion for rebels leads him to an oak tree in Norfolk and the handwritten deman [...]
2018; 2016

Pattern Development

This video allows students to "look over the shoulder" of master costume wizard Rosemary Ingham. It provides concise on-the-job training for groups and individuals engaged in producing well-fitted costumes, teaches how to get accurate measurements, analyze costume sketches, develop paper patterns, and design mock-ups.
2018; 1989

The Go Between

When the reserved, elderly Leo Colston comes across a childhood diary, he recalls the painful events of the summer that shaped his character. Fifty years earlier, a 12-year-old Leo is spending the long, hot summer of 1900 with the family of a schoolfriend, Marcus, at their elegant country mansion. Utterly in thrall to the glamorous Maudsley family and their guests, Leo is soon befriended by Marcus’s beautiful older sister Marian, who persuades him to act as messenger between her and her lover Ted, a charismatic local farmer. Marian’s overbearing mother is manoeuvring for her to marry Hugh Trimingham, a wealthy aristocrat who’s been badly disfigured at war. But as Marian’s clandestine affair becomes ever more intense, Leo is drawn into a complex game of deceit and desire. Moving and d [...]
2017; 2015

Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 6

Jonas creates an elaborate alibi for himself and travels back to Wiltshire secretly, by night, where he murders Montague. Tom Pinch, visited by young Martin in London, is led to understand by an apothecary that he had provided Jonas with poisonous drugs to speed his father’s death. Tom then discovers that his mysterious benefactor was old Martin Chuzzlewit, who now wants Tom’s help in calling a family conference—but not before Jonas has been exposed. The murder of Montague Tigg has been decisively traced to his door. Rather than face trial, Jonas takes his own life. At the family conference, old Martin dispenses rewards to the good and metes out justice on the selfish. His senility was an act, put on to test the depths of Pecksniff’s perfidy. Finally, with his inheritance and marriag [...]
2017; 1994

The Last Time I Saw Paris

This famous melodrama stars Van Johnson as Charles Willis, a journalist attempting to win back custody of his child. Much of the film is devoted to flashbacks focusing on Willis's disastrous relationship with his deceased wife, a wealthy heiress. The story is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic short story Babylon Revisited, with a few crucial details changed--for example, the film is set in the years after World War II, rather than between the world wars. Elizabeth Taylor stars as Helen Ellswirth and Donna Reed as Marion Ellswirth. Directed by Richard Brooks.
2018; 1954


In this first section of Madame Bovary, Emma Rouault and Charles Bovary meet and marry in a small town in provincial France. After Emma gives birth to a baby girl, the couples move to the larger town of Yonville. Tom Conti and Francesca Annis star in this adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's debut novel.
2017; 1975

Jane Austen's Society

Looking beyond the novels of Austen to her society as revealed by her sharp, witty correspondence, we are provided with her unique personal impression of life. We also survey the developments in medicine as well as the various arts of her day.
2017; 2005

Tenant of Wildfell Hall: Episode 3

Huntingdon has abducted young Arthur and Helen returns to him. In spite of his dissolute behaviour, she nurses him till his death. She agrees to marry faithful Gilbert Markham.
2017; 1996


Anthony Hopkins plays a Welsh dairy farmer pushed beyond his endurance by a faceless bureaucracy. Jack's family have been farming their land for generations. Encouraged by the government and banks to modernize and expand, he borrows some money. Suddenly he is facing ruin through EC regulations. He determines to fight for his heritage. Inspired by the story The Value of Money from Pig Earth by John Berger.
2017; 1989

The Pickwick Papers: Episode 3

A twelve-part BBC Adaptation of Charles Dickens' first novel. In this episode, The Corresponding Society of the Pickwick Club attend a cricket match. Starring Nigel Stock, Clive Swift, Alan Parnaby, and Jeremy Nicholas.
2017; 1985

Bleak House: Episode 4

This film adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel about the Victorian London legal system presents the beautiful Lady Dedlock who nurses a dark secret in her past, and the merciless lawyer Tulkinghorn who seeks to uncover it. Then there is the generous John Jarndyce, struggling with his past and his two attractive young wards Richard and Ada. All of them are caught up in the infamous case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce, which will make one of them rich beyond imagination—if it can ever be brought to a conclusion. In the fourth episode, Sgt. George meets with Mr. Tulkinghorn to discuss his demands;Esther Summerson becomes ill; and Guppy investigates the names of Barnaby and Hawdon.
2017; 2005