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The Interconnected World [electronic resource]: An Inside Look at the IMF and Its Impact

Growing affluence in Asia, economic development in Eastern Europe, and new approaches to natural resources in Africa-all are major influences on the global financial landscape and all provide ample demonstrations of the IMF at work. This program guides viewers through the history, mission, and real-world impact of the International Monetary Fund. Topics (all with an IMF focus) include China's need to boost domestic consumption and build social safety nets for its population; Ghana's challenges in ensuring that oil revenues benefit the country; and Poland's adoption of market economy principles as it moves toward economic powerhouse status. A section on the origins, evolution, and future of the IMF is also featured. Interviews with key IMF and academic figures appear throughout the film.

Marx Reloaded [electronic resource]

Today a new generation of philosophers, economists, political activists, and sociologists is returning to Karl Marx's ideas in order to try to make sense of the global economic and financial crisis of 2008 - and to consider whether a world without or beyond capitalism is possible. Could it be that communism might provide the solution to the growing economic and environmental challenges facing the planet? Marx Reloaded explores the possibilities through interviews with leading thinkers at the forefront of a popular revival in Marxist and communist ideas and with skeptics of this revival. Animation sequences - a parody of The Matrix that traces Marx's adventures through the matrix of his own ideas - add a quirky touch of lightness to the film.

Recession and Recovery [electronic resource]: Dispatches From the IMF-Clip Collection

It's impossible to quantify how the International Monetary Fund has shaped our global economic landscape since its founding in 1945. Nevertheless, the social, infrastructural, and human impact of the IMF can be seen around the world, especially as the global community rebounds from a severe economic downturn and emerging economies make use of the IMF's technical assistance. This collection of 11 concise video clips offers a wide-ranging look at the organization's activities, its methods of analyzing and preparing for the world's economic challenges, and its mission to promote trade, sustainable growth, and high employment across the globe.