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Our Own Private Bin Laden [electronic resource]

Would the collapse of the Soviet Union have been possible without American sponsorship of Islamic fundamentalism? Did U.S. policies pave the way for 9/11? Does the American media help sustain Osama Bin Laden's popularity? This documentary examines those questions, studying the machinations of key players - the CIA, Bin Laden, Afghani mujahideen and opium traders, Presidents Carter and Reagan, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, and others - as the Cold War morphed into the War on Terror. Presenting a wide range of opinions, the program features eye-opening interviews with high-level leaders and renowned political analysts - including Milton Bearden, former CIA station chief in Pakistan; Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan; and scholar and activist Noam Chomsk [...]
2007; 2005

Kosovo [electronic resource]: Black Hole of Europe

Is there a light at the end of the Balkan conflict's long, dark tunnel? Or does Kosovo represent an end game for the hatred between ethnic Serbians and Albanians? This program searches for answers as it travels through the bleak, war-torn region, presenting the expertise of politicians, activists, peacekeepers, and ordinary citizens. With animated maps that clarify focal points in the struggle over Kosovo, the film sheds light on regional history, the role of UNMIK, and the extreme poverty afflicting half of the population. On-the-ground perspective comes from beleaguered civilians, UN Special Envoy Albert Rohan, Kosovo PM Agim Ceku, KFOR North Commander Gen. Marc Duquesne, and many others.
2009; 2007