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Banana Wars [electronic resource]: Global Fury Over a Humble Fruit

The history of the banana trade is as politically loaded as that of coffee or oil-and yet it has received scant media attention over the decades. This documentary addresses that information void, exploring links between corporate power, Western governments, and developing nations that are heavily dependent on banana production as a result of colonial and post-colonial influences. Viewers gain an understanding of disputes between U.S.-supported Latin American countries wanting liberalization of European markets and the E.U.-allied ACP (Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific) states, which have traditionally enjoyed tariff preferences. An ideal case study for coursework focusing on the economics of globalization.
2010; 2008

Mama Illegal [electronic resource]: Undocumented in Western Europe

Putting their trust and safety in the hands of illicit traffickers, three mothers from a bleak Moldovan village make their way to Austria and Italy, where they find work as cleaners or care workers. This film depicts seven years in the lives of Raia, Aurica, and Natasa-vulnerable lives that are lived underground, without valid documents, without health care, without the comforting presence of loved ones. Diligent and careful, each woman sends what little remains of her hard-earned Western money home to her family. But there is an unexpected, paradoxical price to these plans for a brighter future: never fully "arriving" and gaining acceptance in the West, each worker finds, when her self-exile has ended, that she has become alienated from her own children and husband. The economic bar [...]

Give Us the Money [electronic resource]: How Do You Change the World?

From Live Aid to Drop the Debt, celebrities have become warriors in the fight against poverty. But have their efforts really made a difference? In this program, Bob Geldof, Bono, and Bill Gates speak candidly about the lobbying, strategizing, and backroom deals involved in their decades of activism, and about the valuable political currency of being a star. The video goes behind the scenes of some humanitarian crusades associated with rock musicians, including Bono's advocacy for debt relief and Geldof's Make Poverty History coalition, and investigates the successes, challenges, and legacies of these campaigns. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online.