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Female Circumcision [electronic resource]

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines female circumcision, also known as female genital mutilation, as "all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons." WHO estimates that 140 million women and girls around the world have experienced it, including 101 million in Africa. This episode explores the efforts to treat female circumcision as a human rights abuse. Pulitzer prize-winning author Alice Walker discusses her novel, Possessing the Secret Joy, about the response of an African woman to this cultural tradition. Also featured, "Diary from Hell" is a documentary about Manila's Smokey Mountain garbage dump, making the link between the environment and human rights; and a Sa [...]

Global Civics [electronic resource]: Social Ethics in an Interdependent World

We live in a world where an epidemic in Mexico affects lives in Europe, air pollution in China disturbs crops in Bangladesh, and financial disaster in the U.S. impacts economic growth everywhere. Given this high level of interdependence, isn't it more important than ever to be aware of the effect of our actions on the rest of the planet? Filmmaker Jian Yi and his team discussed this question with people from a variety of backgrounds on five different continents. The respondents' thoughts, offered in this documentary, represent the views of businesspeople and artists, students and theologians, as well as a Nobel laureate, a UN economist, and an Internet guru. Inspired by the work of Hakan Altinay (Global Civics: Responsibilities and Rights in an Interdependent World), the film calls f [...]

Between Two Rivers

This video presents a portrait of Cairo, Illinois, a community struggling with severe economic, social, and environmental pressures. It looks at the town's successful past with its booming river trade at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, followed by tumultuous years of lynchings and race riots, and then more recent serious floods. The video illustrates the long-term impact of the violent civil unrest, economic boycotts, curfews, and martial law that so deeply divided the community. It also explores Cairo's relationship to the unique environment that encircles the town and how that has impacted the community.
2018; 2012