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Bitter Harvest [electronic resource]: War on Drugs Meets War on Terror

For many governments in the new political landscape of Central Asia, supporting America's war on terror translates into a dangerous internal juggling act. This Wide Angle documentary examines the uneasy relationship between forces aligned against the Taliban and the drug lords who control the cultivation of much of the world's heroin. With militias and tribal factions diluting centralized power, the current opium crop in Afghanistan is among the largest ever. How will the international community deal with this fact of central Asian life? Can agricultural reforms be implemented that will equal the profitability of the opium trade? And how will the United States resolve a dilemma that pits the war on terror against the war on drugs? In addition, UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown ta [...]
2006; 2002

Mama Illegal [electronic resource]: Undocumented in Western Europe

Putting their trust and safety in the hands of illicit traffickers, three mothers from a bleak Moldovan village make their way to Austria and Italy, where they find work as cleaners or care workers. This film depicts seven years in the lives of Raia, Aurica, and Natasa-vulnerable lives that are lived underground, without valid documents, without health care, without the comforting presence of loved ones. Diligent and careful, each woman sends what little remains of her hard-earned Western money home to her family. But there is an unexpected, paradoxical price to these plans for a brighter future: never fully "arriving" and gaining acceptance in the West, each worker finds, when her self-exile has ended, that she has become alienated from her own children and husband. The economic bar [...]