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Sayonara Baby [electronic resource]: Japan's Legal Barriers to Parental Rights

Returning home to find her two children and her Japanese-born husband gone, Regan Haight soon discovered that Japanese law and custom were heavily stacked against her. But Haight's isn't the only case in which the Japanese legal system is on the side of a kidnapper spouse. Australian Chayne Inaba has long battled for access to his daughter, to no avail. Craig Morrey first saw his daughter fleetingly in a courtroom when she was six months old. And Alex Kahney was forced to return to Britain, leaving behind two little girls abducted by their Japanese mother. Japan has long resisted signing an international agreement laying out the rules for these cases, and although Japanese leaders have signaled that their position could change, the so-called left-behind parents still struggle to keep [...]

Torture Hearings [electronic resource]

On Capitol Hill, members of Congress have been interviewing witnesses and investigating the treatment of detainees suspected of terrorism. This edition of the Journal summarizes those hearings and gets perspective from journalist Jane Mayer on the debate over whether the U.S. sanctioned torture to prosecute the war on terror. Mayer's recent book, The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals, documents the war on terror and the struggle over whether the President should have limitless power to wage it. Also on the program, former Democratic Senator Ernest F. "Fritz" Hollings gives his views on the stranglehold of money on Washington.
2009; 2008