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Cyber Wars [electronic resource]: The Hacker as Hero

The term once suggested a lone troublemaker in search of attention and self-enrichment, but today, "hacker" might also mean a covert foot soldier in the service of his or her country - put to work in top-secret quarters and backed by budgets that exceed hundreds of millions of dollars. This film looks at the kind of combat for which skilled hackers are recruited and which they often pursue with every bit of energy and resourcefulness asked of more traditional military personnel. Viewers get an up-front look at the Israeli Stuxnet attack, which severely undermined the Iranian nuclear program; Russia's botnet war waged against Estonia and Georgia, which unleashed a network of hundreds of thousands of hacked computers; and the brewing cyber hostilities between the United States and Chin [...]

Wired [electronic resource]: Gaming, Hacking, and Cyber Assaults in Korea

Fueled by the fastest and most pervasive Internet connections on Earth, online gaming is now a national obsession in South Korea. But while millions of people are engrossed in virtual warfare, their computers have also become very real battlegrounds, with North Korea launching Web-based assaults that disable banking, transport, and Internet portals in the south. After a discussion of gaming addiction in South Korea, this program talks with key defectors about North Korea's agenda of cyber-attacks. Viewers meet Kim Hung-kwang, an architect of the cyber-warfare program who spent 20 years training hackers in Pyongyang; Park Sang-Hak, the son of a North Korean spy-defector and number one on Pyongyang's hit list; and Jang Se-Yul, a former North Korean colonel, who touches on the implicati [...]
2012; 2013