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Brazil in Black and White [electronic resource]: Skin Color and Higher Education

Am I black or am I white? New affirmative action quotas for higher education in Brazil-one of the world's most racially diverse nations-launch a controversial dialogue about race and identity as this Wide Angle report follows five college candidates from diverse backgrounds competing for a spot at the University of Brasilia. In addition, lawyers from the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund visit Brazilian civil rights leaders to discuss the legal challenges of affirmative action. With nationwide surveys identifying more than 130 different categories of skin color, who will be considered "black enough" to qualify for the new racial quotas?

Skin Deep [electronic resource]: Nina Jablonski's Theory of Race

Students of evolution understand that when our ancient African ancestors lost their body hair and ventured out onto the hot savannah, their skin became dark to protect against UV radiation, while subsequent migration away from the equator yielded paler people. But in 2000, Penn State University anthropologist Nina Jablonski proposed a startling new theory as to why human pigmentation is so diverse. In this program, Jablonski suggests that skin color evolved mainly to allow for the production of vitamin D and folic acid, both necessary for reproductive success. Focusing on groundbreaking research and personal accounts of scientists around the world, the film takes a fresh look at the interplay between environmental adaptation and human skin tones.