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Epigenetics [electronic resource]: How Food Upsets Our Genes

Why are girls entering puberty at progressively younger ages? Why are the rates of heart attack, cancer, and adult-onset diabetes rising? This program examines growing indications that food affects our genes-a concept vitally important to the science of epigenetics. Viewers encounter a wide range of experiments, case studies, and historical evidence, including Dutch birth records and testimonials from WWII that point to the epigenetic effects of starvation. Findings from animal and human nutritional studies, as well as evidence involving diet habits and environmental threats around the globe, are also presented. DNA methylation, the "on-and-off switch" of the epigenome, and other important concepts are featured.
2009; 2008

The Secret of Genes [electronic resource]

Longevity may or may not come from one's family tree-but with the help of science, could it one day be "inserted" into our genes? This program looks at research in genetic modification that might help extend human life spans. Spotlighting recent DNA experiments on the C. elegans worm, the program also describes longevity studies in mice, mollusks, and fungi-all of which shed light on possibilities for genetic alteration in humans. Students will learn about the roles played by mitochondria and free radicals while the genetic implications of diet and metabolism are also explored. Conclusions based on studies of Okinawan populations and the Biosphere 2 venture of the early 1990s are featured.
2009; 2005

Genetics, Stem Cells and Society

An interview with Professor Alan Trounson covering his beginnings in science, his pioneering IVF work and leading role in embryonic stem cell research.
2017; 2007

Synthetic Biology: The Cutting Edge—Dan Rather Reports

Synthetic biology is at the forefront of modern science; researchers reinvent cells by manipulating DNA to solve some of the most important problems facing the world. Dan Rather Reports examines the new cutting edge technology on this episode.
2016; 2013