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She Started It

"Documentary film on women tech entrepreneurs, shot on location in Silicon Valley, NYC, Europe, Vietnam, Mississippi & more, that aims to highlight successful role models for young women. It is the first film to show the behind the scenes of running a tech start-up as a young woman." --
2017; 2016
Clemons (Stacks)

Growth and Entrepreneurship [electronic resource]

Explores how innovation and entrepreneurship can flourish in and enliven a free-market economy. Explains what entrepreneurs do, and what makes countries richer over time. Also discusses the tradeoff for innovation.

How We Made Our Millions [electronic resource]

Is there a blueprint for financial success? This program provides insight into the minds and methods of two successful U.K. businesspeople - Richard Reed, cofounder of innocent, an all-natural smoothie company, and Michelle Mone, the founder of Ultimo lingerie. Entrepreneur Peter Jones questions the tycoons, discussing their childhoods, examining their personalities, studying their business models, and even asking what they are like to work for. As they invite him on a behind-the-scenes tour of their offices, factories, and luxurious lifestyles, Jones asks what it takes to reach the top and what fun, if any, they have had along the way.

Mark Zuckerberg [electronic resource]: Inside Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's journey from college student to the founder of one of the most influential new businesses in the world is the stuff of legend. This program tells the story of the social media Web site's extraordinary rise using an exclusive interview with Zuckerberg and access to senior staff at the company's Silicon Valley offices. Filmed before Facebook became a publicly traded company, the video also examines the challenge of combining idealism with business realities, the use of Facebook as a market research database, threats from Google and others, and the critical role that Zuckerberg himself plays in determining Facebook's prospects.

Candyman [electronic resource]: Confectioner David Klein and the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean

"In life, you only need to be a genius for 15 seconds," says David Klein, who in 1976 dreamed up the sensational Jelly Belly jelly bean. "This is America. If you come up with a good idea, you can run with that idea." Unfortunately, Klein's eccentric personality and peculiar sense of business led him to sell the rights to the trademark and iconic logo just before Jelly Belly exploded into a billion-dollar enterprise. After that, the company erased his name from its history, stripping Klein of what he valued most: his place in the Jelly Belly saga. Candyman tells the story of David Klein - partly inspiring, partly cautionary - as it studies both the upside and the downside of the American Dream. Is there room for eccentric genius in the modern corporate world?

How They Did It [electronic resource]: Entrepreneurship

Eighty percent of all new business startups fail within the first five years. This ABC News report offers some advice that may help you to beat those odds. Robert Jordan, author of How They Did It, shares some of the secrets of successful startups.

Building a Food Truck Business From the Ground Up [electronic resource]

The fastest-growing segment of the dining industry is food trucks. This ABC New report takes a look at what it takes to start up and run one of these mobile dining establishments. Two guys in Columbus, Ohio, retrofit a used FedEx truck and head out on the road. With a lot of help from ECDI - including a 20,000-dollar loan - they discuss the lessons learned in the first six months of operation. Lesson one: it's hard work.

TEDTalks [electronic resource]: Ludwick Marishane - a Bath Without Water

If you had to walk a mile for a jug of water every day, as millions of people do, it's unlikely you'd use that precious water to bathe. In this TEDTalk, young entrepreneur Ludwick Marishane tells the amazing, funny story of how he invented a cheap, clean, and convenient solution: DryBath, the world's first bath-substituting lotion. For this invention, Marishane received the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Greece's New Odyssey [electronic resource]

For decades Greek islanders have migrated to the mainland in search of economic opportunity. But now, due to long-term unemployment and increasingly constrictive austerity measures, many of these city-dwelling professionals are moving back to their home villages, bringing with them ideas that they hope will solve not just their own financial problems but their country's as well. This program introduces some of the men and women in the vanguard of Greece's inspiring entrepreneurial trend. Viewers meet students at an agricultural school in Thessaloniki, where middle-aged urban transplants are beginning to outnumber young, local enrollees; a couple raising snails for the international gourmet market; and others who are using barter and alternative currency along with a pioneering spirit [...]

Women Who Brew [electronic resource]: Breaking the Glass Ceiling for the Love of Beer

From both a marketing and a career-development perspective, the world of beer and brewing has long been male-dominated. Ads for major beer companies generally target men, and in the rapidly growing craft beer and ale industry, men own and operate the majority of breweries. But the latter situation is changing. This program follows a large number of women who have found success and fulfillment as brewery owners, pub owners, hops farmers, home-based and large-scale beer artisans, and other positions in the industry. Focusing on the Pacific Northwest's burgeoning craft beer market, the film introduces thriving entrepreneurs and highly valued employees who have defied the assumption that beer is just for men. Award-winning brewmaster Tonya Cornett, celebrated publican Sarah Pederson, res [...]

Sun Tzu's the Art of War [electronic resource]

Attributed to Sun Tzu, a prominent Chinese general writing in the fifth century BC, The Art of War is one of the oldest preserved dissertations on military strategy and tactics. But today its implications reach far beyond the battlefield. It is widely seen as an essential guide to most forms of organizational leadership, and anyone involved in business, management, and entrepreneurial risk-taking stands to gain from Sun Tzu's ideas. Made up of 13 one-to-five-minute segments, this program merges audio narration with no-nonsense animation to create an engaging, user-friendly overview of each chapter of Sun Tzu's iconic treatise. Segments include: Chapter 1: Laying Plans; Chapter 2: Waging War; Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem; Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions; Chapter 5: Energy; Chapter [...]

Five Signs You'll Fail as an Entrepreneur [electronic resource]

Robert Kiyosaki, coauthor of Midas Touch with Donald Trump, discusses the requirements to be a successful entrepreneur in this ABC News report, touching upon the five things that all entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Facts About Franchises [electronic resource]

Starting a franchise business or buying an existing franchise is a huge undertaking. This ABC News report looks at the questions you need to answer before buying into one. Susan Solovic helps viewers understand what is required to run a franchise.

TEDTalks [electronic resource]: Robin Chase - Excuse Me, May I Rent Your Car?

A decade ago, Robin Chase founded Zipcar in the U.S., currently the largest car-sharing company in the world. As she explains in this TEDTalk, now she's exploring the next level of car-sharing: Buzzcar, a French startup that lets people rent their own cars to others. The details are fascinating (how does insurance work, exactly?), and the larger vision (she calls it Peers, Inc.) points to a new definition of ownership and entrepreneurship.

Andrew Carnegie [electronic resource]: Prince of Steel

This episode of Biography explores the life and legacy of iron and steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, an immigrant who rose to become one of the world's wealthiest men.

Dow and Jones [electronic resource]: Wizards of Wall Street

This episode of Biography tells the fascinating story of Charles Dow and Edward Jones and the flabbergasting financial circus they launched.

Henry Ford [electronic resource]: Host Peter Graves

This episode of Biography profiles Henry Ford, one of America's great innovators and arguably the most influential man of the 20th century.

J. Pierpont Morgan [electronic resource]: Emperor of Wall Street

This episode of Biography sheds light on the life of John Pierpont Morgan - a man who single-handedly saved the United States from bankruptcy but was accused of being a monopolist.

Milton Hershey [electronic resource]: Chocolate King

This episode of Biography spotlights philanthropic confectioner Milton Hershey, whose commitment to fairness, in an era of ruthless industrialists, led him and his candy empire to sweet success.

Pitching Your Business [electronic resource]

Promoting your business to perspective clients is a lot like interviewing for a new job. In this episode viewers will learn twenty practical tips to pitch their business without printed material. Find out how to turn objections into opportunities when dealing with a perspective client that does not need or want what you're offering.