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The End of Print [electronic resource]

It's newspapers, magazines, and books versus blogs, webzines, and e-books in this program as host Jian Ghomeshi addresses issues ranging from the popularity of citizen journalism, to the growing shift in advertiser dollars from print to the Web, to the whole Google Book Search controversy. Multiple points of view are represented by blogosphere luminaries Cory Doctorow and David Pescovitz (Boing Boing), Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (Daily Kos), and Heather B. Armstrong (Dooce); representatives of The New York Times; Bob Stein, director of the Institute for the Future of the Book; intellectual property attorney Fred von Lohmann, for the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Brewster Kahle, a digital librarian with the Open Content Alliance; Internet icons Jimmy Wales and Craig Newmark; and others.
2007; 2006

Amazon Is the Reader's Friend: A Debate

Is Amazon good for readers and the book industry? In 2014, Amazon and the publishing house Hachette settled a dispute over who should set the price for e-books. In Amazon's view, lower prices mean more sales and more readers, and that's a boon for business and consumers. But to publishers, the price of an e-book must reflect the costs invested, from the author's advance to the book's production. The conflict raised questions about the value of books, the business practices of Amazon, and the role of publishers in the 21st century. Do cheaper prices benefit readers by providing low-cost books? Or do they hurt readers by shortchanging authors and publishers, potentially putting them out of business? Amazon, which accounts for the sales of 41 percent of all new books and 67 percent of a [...]