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The Men Who Made Us Fat: Part 2 [electronic resource]

Jacques Peretti investigates how the concept of "supersizing" changed our eating habits forever. How did a nation of moderate eaters start to want more? Perretti speaks with industry professionals to examine the story behind the introduction of value meals, king-size snacks, and multi-buy promotions. The program also explores developments in dietary advice and includes interviews with obesity experts.

How to Cook Your Life: A Cooking Class With Zen Priest and Chef Edward Espe Brown

Renowned Chef and Zen Master Edward Espe Brown guides students through the mastery of cooking and the importance of how we treat our food.
2008; 2007
Clemons (Stacks)

Healthy Eating: Fiber

Learn which foods contain fiber and the importance of including them in your meals and snacks to help reach your daily fiber goals and to gain the health benefits from fiber.
2018; 2016

Tips for Effective Weight Loss: Part 3

Eating properly will always be critical in the quest for good weight control. It's up to each person to establish a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious food selections and adequate physical activity each day.
2018; 2004

Tips for Effective Weight Loss: Part 4

Starting an exercise program doesn't just happen; it requires planning. Ask your doctor about how to get started.
2018; 2004

Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth

Imagine if the food you choose to eat could "clean" your body and make you feel healthier. This film separates fact from pseudo-scientific fiction to unravel the diet conspiracy gripping the West: clean eating. Meet the biggest names behind this phenomena—people whose philosophies about food have influenced a generation, redefining what we think about the food we eat. In the world of clean eating, not everything is as it seems. Rather than improving physical and psychological wellbeing, is it actually doing the opposite?

The Food Detectives: Episode 3

Can changing your surroundings alter how food and drink tastes? Prof Alice Roberts and a group of diners enjoy a culinary experience with a difference. The music, lighting and even the shape of the plates are changed throughout the meal to see what effect this has on how we perceive the taste of food. Sensory gastronomy is a new field of scientific research and although it may sound unfamiliar, its findings have practical applications. Alice takes a closer look at peanut butter - is it a health food or a junk food? Alice investigates the science behind this popular spread. Nutritional labels on food packaging are designed to help us make healthy choices at a glance. But as our consumer journalist Sean Fletcher has found, they can be confusing. Sean investigates why a system intended [...]
2017; 2016

Teens: Choosing Healthy Portion Sizes

Knowing what a single portion size of different foods looks like can help control the amount of food you eat.
2018; 2015

Nutritional Needs: Prescription for Health—Part 1

With obesity on the rise and more fast food available than you can keep tabs on, it's more important than ever to understand how nutrition influences your health. This program shows you how to make better food choices, limit portions, and manage special dietary needs. Sound nutrition when combined with physical activity can truly make a difference in not only how you look but also how you feel.
2018; 2004

Tips for Effective Weight Loss: Part 1

This program describes what obesity is and how to prevent it. Healthy eating and exercise tips are offered for those who are already battling obesity. Finally, we learn how to help our children from becoming overweight.
2018; 2004

Nutritional Needs: Prescription for Health—Part 3

People who have a chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease need to be even more careful about maintaining good health and eating right. In Part 3, find out how moderation and balance impact eating right.
2018; 2004

Guiding Your Overweight Child

Our nation’s children are unhealthy ways. Today more than 1 in 5 American children are overweight. And who do they look to for help and guidance? Their parents. This video helps parents understand what their overweight child may be going through, both physically and socially, and gives them helpful instruction on ways to help their entire family make healthier lifestyle choices every day. Using calorie counting as a base, parents are given tips on how to make healthy food decisions for themselves and their families in this supersized society. The importance of including physical activity in the daily to-do list is emphasized through examples such as making the 10,000 steps program a family challenge. Knowing how to make these daily lifestyle choices will help parents bec [...]
2018; 2005

Creating Your Weight Loss Plan

Understand the parts of a weight loss plan including exercise, healthy eating, and monitoring your progress.
2018; 2016

MyPlate: Increasing Your Physical Activity

Understand the importance of physical activity, and see examples of how much activity you should aim for, in order to achieve your weight management goals.
2018; 2015

MyPlate: Grains

Learn why whole grains are an important part of the foods you should eat every day.
2018; 2015

Choose a Variety of Foods

See how choosing a variety of foods provides the assortment of nutrients your body needs to maintain good health.
2018; 2016

Tips for Effective Weight Loss: Part 2

Being obese can lead to more than just not looking good. It can lead to serious medical conditions, like diabetes.
2018; 2004

Young and Overweight: Helping Yourself Change

Today everywhere you look, you’re faced with unhealthy food and activity choices. Maybe it’s the vending machines at school or the lure of the video game at home. Whatever the reason, you are young and carrying extra weight. This video gives you the tools you need to make the everyday lifestyle choices that will help you get to a healthy weight for you. From calorie counting and using the nutrition facts label to adding physical activity to your daily routine with the 10,000 steps program, this video shows real young people making their choice health. You can do the same and get to a healthy weight. Now and for the future.
2018; 2005

Allergies: Modern Life and Me

Allergies are on the riseand reaching epidemic proportions, but curiously only in the western world. Professor Graham Rook believes that the changes we have made to our environment are impacting our microbiome—the bacteria that live in and on every one of us—and that this is having a knock-on effect on our immune system. BBC Horizon puts the lives of two ordinary families under the microscope to see if the theory plays out in the real world. From their food to the way they wash their hands, will the experiment offer an insight into why allergies are increasing? A BBC Production.
2015; 2014

Helping Your Child Set Realistic Weight Goals

Help your child understand that weight loss goals can be safely met by making gradual changes in his or her eating habits.
2018; 2015