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Sandra Day O'Connor on Judicial Elections and the Supreme Court's New Players (10/13/10)

Judy Woodruff speaks to former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor about her efforts to improve literacy for students, judicial elections and the new makeup of the court.
2017; 2010

Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura: Interview 2

Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura discusses her hopes for a girl who is locked up in her detention center, school dynamics with juvenile cases, gang-infested neighborhoods, and Boys School versus Girls School in the Indiana juvenile justice system.
2018; 2010

Juvenile Inmate Interview: Aaron in Detention

From inside juvenile detention, 17-year-old Aaron discusses how he ended up behind bars, the warrant for his arrest, his offense of car theft and battery, and his fear of adult jail.
2018; 2005

What in the World—El Salvador: Yo Cambio

El Salvador's prisons are bloody, brutal, and overcrowded. With 700 arrests a day, that level of overcrowding shows no signs of abating. And they have one of the highest homicides rates in the world. But rather than give up on prisons and prisoners, the people who are running the prison service have decided to change tack and reform the system. Their response is Yo Cambio. First change: the language. No longer referred to as inmates or prisoners now the incarcerated are referred to as people deprived of their freedom. This is an exploration of what a human rights-based approach looks like—how they did it and what people deprived of their freedom think of it.
2017; 2016

Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura: Interview

Juvenile Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura discusses the case of 13-year-old Joshua, who came into her court accused of battering his mother. General discussion on handling child abuse and neglect cases, court processes, and her adopted son's history of coming through her court.
2018; 2005

Gangs in Control of American Prisons: "The Social Order of the Underworld"

David Skarbek, a lecturer in political economy at King's College in London and the author of The Social Order of the Underworld: How Prison Gangs Govern the American Penal System talks toReason TV's Nick Gillespie about governance within prisons, the rise of prison gangs, the problems of prison overcrowding, and why reducing the prison population is vital to mitigate the influence of prison gangs. A Reason TV production.
2016; 2015

Child Welfare: Joshua's Parents' at-Home Interview

13-year-old Joshua's parents discuss what it's like having a son in a placement facility in a neighboring state and how family issues escalated to the point where Joshua could no longer live at home.
2018; 2001

Juvenile Inmate Aaron: Cell Interview

From inside his detention center cell, 17-year-old Aaron talks about how he feels before his waiver hearing to adult court, the plea bargain being offered, and what his future holds.
2018; 2010

Bill Moyers Journal: Justice for Sale

This edition of the Journal takes a hard look at how campaign cash in judicial elections could prejudice America’s courts as it revisits the 1999 Frontline special “Justice for Sale.” Afterward, Bill Moyers is joined by legal analyst and journalist Jeffrey Toobin to talk about the boost that has been given to the unwholesome relationship between big money and judicial elections by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision. The program concludes with an essay on the increasing cohabitation of state and corporate power and the likely eventual result of that association: nothing less than the corporate takeover of democracy. Broadcast date: February 19, 2010. (57 minutes)
2016; 2010

Kevin Henry: Interview

Kevin Henry is serving a life sentence at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility for a murder he committed in his 20s. Kevin discusses what life has been like after two decades behind bars, advice he gives young kids, and his thoughts on dying in prison.
2018; 2010

Private Investors Put Money on Decreasing Teen Recidivism Rate (4/9/13)

Rikers Island prison houses 88,000 inmates a year, many of whom are repeat offenders. In an effort to decrease the teen recidivism rate, high finance and do-good innovation have made an unlikely partnership. Economics correspondent Paul Solman explores a new way to fund government social services through private investment.
2017; 2013

Court Intervention

In this video vignette, Juvenile Judge Viola Taliaferro discusses ways the juvenile courts can intervene before family issues spiral out of control. Also, Circuit Court Judge Steve Galvin discusses his previous experience of working as an attorney for the state's Department of Child Services.
2018; 2001

Inside Prison: Interview With Inmate Anthony Brown

Behind-the-scenes interview with 19-year-old Anthony, who is serving a 2-year prison sentence for car theft and battery on detention staff.
2018; 2005

Private Prisons: What’s Happening Inside Reeves?—Dan Rather Reports

A privately run Federal prison in a small Texas town collects millions of dollars a month but few know--or can find out--what goes on behind the walls. And a national landmark gets a makeover on this episode of Dan Rather Reports.
2016; 2010

Child Welfare: Joshua in Placement Facility

Prior to being moved to an out-of-state placement facility for intensive counseling, Joshua is in a temporary facility while he awaits his next court hearing. In this interview, Joshua talks about his upcoming court date, explains why he doesn’t want to go home, and gives a tour of his current facility, Alternative House.
2018; 2001

Lewis: Moved Into Segregation

17-year-old Damario is walked to his segregation cell on a leash.
2018; 2010

Chris Blessinger: Interview

Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility Program Director Chris B. discusses Pendleton's prison units, the GROW Program (gang unit), and daily life inside a maximum-security juvenile prison.
2018; 2011

Greg Ousley: Interview

Greg Ousley was 15-years-old when he became the youngest juvenile in Indiana history to be sentenced as an adult. Now 33, Greg discusses growing up behind bars and the trauma he still feels after killing both his parents.
2018; 2010

Justice Marshall's Retirement (6/27/91)

Professors Kathleen Sullivan, Lino Graglia, and Gary McDowell, and experts Nina Totenberg and Eleanor Holmes Norton discuss and debate Justice Thurgood Marshall’s legacy and contributions to the U.S. Supreme Court.
2017; 1991

Mia Black: Interview

Mia Black is a program director at Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility Mia discusses the various units at the prison, including the youthful offender unit, the intensive treatment unit, and the PLUS unit.
2018; 2010