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How to Succeed in Business by Really, Really Trying (7/27/11)

Is the aptitude for legal business distributed among convicted criminals as it is in the general population? One seasoned executive thinks so, and believes that by hiring the cream of the ex-con crop, his company will have a leg up on the competition. Paul Solman reports as part of his Making Sense series.
2017; 2011

Indianapolis Juvenile Girls Prison Teacher: Interview

Dave Traverse is a teacher at "Girls School," a maximum-security prison for teenage girls in Indiana. He discusses the rewards and challenges of teaching at a large girls prison.
2018; 2010

Bill Moyers Journal: Bruce Fein and Mark Danner on the Torture Memos / Steve Meacham of City Life/Vida Urbana

How should America react to the Bush-era torture memos released by the Department of Justice? Should the nation reflect and move on or investigate and bring to trial those involved? In this edition of the Journal, Bill Moyers sits down with two people who have been thinking and writing about the morality and legality of America’s actions since 9/11: Bruce Fein, chairman of the American Freedom Agenda, and Mark Danner, who has been reporting on the treatment and interrogation of detainees for The New York Review of Books. Then, Moyers spotlights community organizer Steve Meacham of City Life/Vida Urbana, who is working to halt the tidal wave of evictions and foreclosures plaguing his Massachusetts community. Broadcast date: May 1, 2009. (57 minutes)
2016; 2009

Kids in the Crossfire

Stacey Dooley travels to Chicago—the murder capital of the U.S.—where almost half of those killed in 2013 were under 25. She meets the Hardmon family, struggling to come to terms with the murder of their 19-year-old daughter Ashley, killed in the crossfire of a gang shooting. In a prison boot camp for young offenders, Stacey gets to know David. He's been in prison four times already, and he's just 19. He got his first gun at 14. Can he really turn his back on the gang lifestyle?
2017; 2014

Argentina: The 500 Stolen Babies of the Dictatorship

They are Rosa, Estela, Chicha, Elsa, Chela, and Jorgelina. All are ordinary women who, together for the last 35 long years, have fought tirelessly against the Argentine military disctatorship, travelling the world to publicize their cause. They have become symbols of the struggle against oppression, known worldwide as the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo. In 1976, a military coup overthrew the government in Argentina. There followed eight years of terrible repression against opponents of the regime. Politicians, students, and workers were sequestered, tortured, and murdered with impunity. The number of missing was estimated at 30,000 during those dark years. Young pregnant women did not escape the abuses of the military. Shackled and hooded, they gave birth in detention centers such [...]
2018; 2012

Kenneth Howell: Interview

Juvenile inmate Kenneth discusses what it's like being locked up in a maximum-security juvenile prison and why he continues to act out.
2018; 2011

Benny Reed: Returns to Cell

Footage of Benny Reed returning to his prison cell, general footage in his cellblock, and footage of officers performing a random cell search in a cell next door.
2018; 2010

Michael Jones: Interview

From inside his cell at a maximum-security juvenile prison, 17-year-old Mike Jones discusses his generational ties to the white supremacist organization Aryan Nations and how prison programs have helped him denounce his affiliation with the hate group.
2018; 2011

Justice for All

Access to justice: for four billion out of the just over seven billion people on earth this is too expensive, too complicated, blocked by corruption, or simply not available. Lawyers working for the Dutch government devote themselves to the digital innovation of the legal industry. Surprisingly enough, Kenya is a trendsetter in this respect. Under the inspiring guidance of Supreme Court Judge Willy Mutunga, and with the aid of text messaging, smartphones and Twitter, a countrywide network of apps and legal volunteers is built. Injustice is combatted with cell phones instead of law degrees. Kenya is known as a country where corruption is rife; political violence and tribal warfare are the order of the day. There are simply not enough judges and lawyers to turn the many incidents of in [...]
2017; 2016

Inside Prison: Pendleton Juvenile Detention Officer Interview

Detention Officer Beverly discusses the challenges of working in an all-male juvenile prison, being attacked while on duty, and returning to the job after the attack.
2018; 2015

Delinquency Court: Damien and Deshon Court Hearing

A juvenile delinquency court hearing for two teen boys who ran away from a temporary placement facility ("Boys Town"), with family members struggling to understand why the boys have acted out.
2018; 2010

Colt Lundy: Interview

16-year-old Colt Lundy describes what it's like being the youngest inmate inside an adult prison. Colt received a 25-year sentence at age 15 after shooting and killing his stepfather.
2018; 2010

Blade Reed: Interview in Cell

Blade Reed was 15 years old when he received a 25-year sentence for attempted murder. Blade has autism and discusses his depression, challenges of incarceration, and family turmoil.
2018; 2010

Attorney Don Wruck: Interview 2

Attorney Don Wruck discusses the goals he has for teens he represents in juvenile court, the types of cases he sees, and general thoughts on the juvenile justice system.
2018; 2010

Lewis: Interview

17-year-old inmate Demonae is in segregation following a fight in his prison cellblock. He discusses his life in the child welfare system, his life in adult prison, and his first brush with the law at age 7.
2018; 2010

A.K.A. Tommy Chong

At the height of the Bush administration, Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong was charged with selling bongs over the Internet and sentenced to nine months in federal prison. As part of the government's $12-million "Operation Pipe Dreams" drug paraphernalia sting operation, Chong, a vocal opponent of Bush's handling of the War on Terror, was singled out among 55 defendants to serve time. Filmmaker Josh Gilbert captures the post-prison, avuncular Chong as he turns his SWAT team arrest into hilarious stand-up material. But the laughs are seasoned by the recognition of our government's questionable priorities and its shameless use of the judicial system to scapegoat a counterculture icon.
2017; 2011

Superintendent Linda Commons: Interview

Juvenile prison superintendent Linda C. describes Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, programs offered, the background of juveniles incarcerated at Pendleton, and life on the job.
2018; 2011

Justice Breyer: "Now I'm Probably More in Dissent" (10/7/10)

Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer talks to Jeffrey Brown about his new book, Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge's View; the role and responsibilities of the high court and the shift in dynamics that a new justice can bring.
2017; 2010

Interview: Probation Supervisor Deborah Clayton on Teen Offenders

Juvenile Detention Intake Probation Supervisor Deb Clayton discusses the case of 16-year-old Carlton, who has been sentenced to the Indiana Department of Corrections for violating probation, failing to attend school, and being non-compliant with court ordered substance abuse counseling.
2018; 2012

Delinquency Court: Jacklyn's Court Hearing

Juvenile Delinquency Court hearing of 15-year-old Jacklyn for possession of cocaine and resisting arrest. Jacklyn's father accuses police of planting evidence, while Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura recites the police report from the night of the arrest.
2018; 2001