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Joseph Lavelle: Interview

GED teacher Joseph L. discusses life on the job inside a maximum-security juvenile prison, his model students, and what it's like to work with teens behind bars.
2018; 2011

The Future of Criminal Justice Journalism?: The Marshall Project's Bill Keller

Bill Keller, the Editor-in-Chief of the new journalistic venture devoted to criminal justice reform, The Marshall Project talks to Reason TV's Nick Gillespie about the value of bringing vital information to the public that many news organizations will not cover, his 2013 online debate with Glenn Greenwald on journalism, and why he left his comfortable perch at the New York Times to run a tenuously-funded startup. A Reason TV production.
2016; 2015

Juvenile Inmate Aaron: Interview Before Court

17-year-old Aaron discusses his upcoming trial, the juvenile system versus the adult criminal justice system, the challenges of detention, and being a repeat juvenile offender.
2018; 2010

Child Welfare: Joshua's Parents Following Court

13-year-old Joshua's parents discuss the trauma of a day of court hearings, filling out legal paperwork that gives the state of Indiana custody of their son, and the issues Joshua has struggled with for years.
2018; 2010

Juvenile Inmate Aaron: Waiver to Adult Aftermath

Following an emotional day in court, 17-year-old Aaron discusses his confusion at being waived from the juvenile system to the adult criminal justice system and accepting a plea agreement he didn't understand.
2018; 2010

Inside Juvenile Prison: Wrightsman Promotion Hearing

From inside a maximum-security juvenile prison, a juvenile offender goes through the process of petitioning for his release (called the Administrative Review Committee Hearing--ARC), describing his accomplishments while locked up and how drugs and car theft landed him in prison in the first place.
2018; 2001

Crime and Punishment: Three Strikes and You’re Out

After the 1993 murder of a California child, many states passed laws to lock up repeat offenders for life, but today those laws are raising new questions about how crime is handled in America.
2017; 2013

Alexander Rankin: Interview

Alexander begins his move from the prison Youth Unit at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility to the adult side of the prison now that he's turned 18.
2018; 2010

Justice Burger's Retirement (6/17/86)

Professor Dick Howard provides expert analysis about the Chief Justice Warren Burger’s retirement and the future of the Supreme Court.
2017; 1986

Richard Jewell: The Wrong Man

The 1996 Olympics in Atlanta were rocked by a bomb that killed one and injured more than 100. In the rush to find the perpetrator, one man became a target. There was only one problem: he was innocent.
2017; 2013

Adam: Interview in Cell

17-year-old Adam C. talks in depth about his first week in adult prison from inside his prison cell.
2018; 2010

Probation Supervisor Deborah Clayton: Interview 2

Stark scenes inside an empty Juvenile Detention Center Intake Unit where teenagers are brought after being arrested by police, followed by an interview with Intake Detention Officer Deb Clayton. She discusses placement versus detention, how confusing the juvenile system is for teens once they're ensnared, and what a "Code Green" is inside the detention facility.
2018; 2010

Justice Powell's Retirement (6/26/87)

In this 1987 interview, Nina Totenberg, Senator Paul Simon, and Professors Bruce Fein and Dick Howard analyze Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.'s sudden retirement and discuss possible successors to the Supreme Court.
2017; 1987

Blade Reed and Bennie Reed: Meeting

Brothers Blade and Bennie Reed have not seen each other in two years, despite the fact they are incarcerated at the same adult prison. This meeting is the first time the two have talked since arriving at the prison.
2018; 2010

McBrady: Child Welfare Hearing

This placement review court hearing focuses on parental neglect and the judge filing a bench warrant for a mother who has refused to come to court or follow court-ordered services pertaining to her child. The child's father is in court and is arguing for full custody.
2018; 2001

TEDTalks: Victoria Pratt—How Judges Can Show Respect

In halls of justice around the world, how can we ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect? A pioneering judge in New Jersey, Victoria Pratt shares her principles of "procedural justice"—four simple, thoughtful steps that redefined the everyday business of her courtroom in Newark, changing lives along the way. "When the court behaves differently, naturally people respond differently," Pratt says. "We want people to enter our halls of justice ... and know that justice will be served there."
2018; 2017

Stephanie Meadway: Review Hearing Post-Childbirth

Following the birth of her child, 13-year-old Stephanie has a scheduled review hearing in front of Judge Viola Taliaferro, where the newborn is declared a CHINS—a Child In Need of Services. This allows the court to intervene and provide services for Stephanie and her baby.
2018; 2010

Overcrowded: The Messy Politics of CA's Prison Crisis

Overcrowded: The Messy Politics of CA's Prison Crisis is an exploration of the politics of California's prison overcrowding problem, featuring interviews with state prison officials, local sheriffs, and former inmates. A Reason TV production.
2016; 2014

Inside Prison: Hoffman Administrative Review Hearing (ARC)

A teenager inside juvenile prison goes before the Administrative Review Committee to fight for his release, discussing his previous offenses that included running away, stealing a car, and dropping out of school.
2018; 2013

Family Services Attorney Steve Galvin: Interview

Child welfare attorney Steve Galvin discusses challenges of the job, child abuse and neglect cases, services offered in juvenile court, and what it's like to work with child welfare caseworkers.
2018; 2005