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Dr. David Kessler Delves Into the Mysteries of Food Cravings (6/16/09)

Health correspondent Betty Ann Bowser talks to author Dr. David Kessler about overeating and what is behind people's cravings, the subject of his new book The End of Overeating.
2017; 2009

Artificial Sweeteners and Antarctic Fossils—Catalyst

Artificial sweeteners offer us a delicious choice: the sweetness we love without the calories or the consequences. Do even the quickest online search and you’re hit with masses of conflicting information. Proponents say they are safe, they can help you lose weight and prevent diseases like diabetes. Critics say that they may cause a variety of health problems. GP and guest reporter, Dr Zeeshan Arain unpacks the science on artificial sweeteners and how they may impact or benefit our health. Fossil hunters want to know what life was like when dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago. We join an Aussie palaeontologist on a US expedition searching for dinosaur fossils in Antarctica, the most challenging place to explore the end of their ancient world.

Obesity and Genetics

Dean Hamer, Director of the Gene Structure and Regulation Unit at the National Cancer Institute, talks about the role of genetics in obesity. Dr. Hamer explains that, while the direct cause of obesity is eating too much, the tendency to overeat is, in part, related to an individual's genetic makeup.
2015; 2011

California City Considers Sugary Drink Tax (6/7/12)

A look at a controversial plan by the city of Richmond, California, to tax soda and other sugary drinks. Spencer Michels reports.
2017; 2012

Society's Response to Suicide

Professor of psychiatry and author Kay Redfield Jamison explains that, ". . . society has a vested interest in keeping people from killing themselves." Dr. Jamison adds that it's important to ". . . make it easier for people to talk about depression, about anxiety, about eating disorders, about alcoholism, about drug abuse problems."
2015; 2011

Battling Obesity in the Middle East

Shahzad Ahmed was overweight, hypertensive, and diabetic, and he realized he needed to turn his life around if he wanted to see his daughter grow up. As obesity and diabetes continue to rise, Vital Signsfocuses in on the part of the world where they have reached epidemic levels: the Middle East. The luxurious lifestyle and booming wealth of the Gulf region have led to a sedentary lifestyle and an overabundance of food. Journey to the Middle East and see what extremes people like Ahmed are doing in order to change their lifestyles and fight life-threatening disease.
2019; 2015

Preventing Nutritional Disorders

Nutritional disorders are diseases that are related to a person's state of nutritional health. They are a growing and deadly problem in the United States and around the world. But get this: they are preventable. This program covers the ins and outs of disorders and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Topics include: What Are Nutritional Disorders?, Exploring Nutritional Disorders, Exercise, Weight Management, and Weight Loss.
2018; 2011

Top Three Best Diets

We've all either heard of or tried a diet at some point in our lives, but how can you figure out which are fads and which are fact?
2019; 2015