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Flying Free [electronic resource]

Inventor Paul MacCready builds flying machines inspired by nature. Alan Alda joins MacCready's team as they test fly a variety of unconventional planes. Also examines how nature itself first solved the problem of flight, when insects evolved wings more than 300 million years ago.
2005; 2000

The Technology of Kitty Hawk

Retrace the steps of the Wright Brothers' historic quest to free man from the bounds of gravity.
2003; 2000

Wilbur & Orville Wright: Dreams of Flying

The story of the brothers who invented the first flying machine but were not recognized in their time for their accomplishments.
2002; 1994

Aerospace Technology [electronic resource]: Space Shuttle

Regularly scheduled space shuttle missions have become a common feature of the NASA space program, allowing astronauts to launch and retrieve communication satellites, repair exploration equipment such as the Hubble telescope, and conduct numerous experiments. This video follows NASA officials through the development stages of the reusable shuttle fleet and outlines testing procedures used to ready the shuttle Columbia for its first in-space flight. Subsequent missions are outlined along with commentary from crew members detailing satellite rendezvous attempts, conducting of experiments, and daily living conditions. It provides an interesting look at our continuing quest to explore and understand space.
2006; 1993

Aerospace Technology [electronic resource]: Model Rocketry

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion states that, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This video uses model rocketry to explore this concept, and introduces the basics of rocket propulsion and the forces that affect rockets in flight (thrust, gravity, and drag) A demonstration of the use of both solid fuel and compressed air rockets is shown, while colorful graphics illustrate key concepts and terms. It's a great way to generate interest in the field of aerospace technology!
2007; 1993

Fundamentals of Aeronautics Technology [electronic resource]

Beginning with a history of humankind's quest for flight, this video then introduces the basic components of an airplane. It also examines how an aircraft flies, the four forces that affect flight, types of propulsion units, and the instruments used to create movement. It's an interesting introduction to the basics of aeronautics technology.
2006; 1994

Principles of Flight: Pt. 2 [electronic resource]

This second video in the Principles of Flight series focuses on the forces of Thrust and Drag and how each can affect flight. Viewers then learn how pilots manuever through these forces using primary and secondary instruments which create movement around the three axes of flight. Key terms such as wing tip vortices, pitch, yaw, and roll are explained in detail, giving a clearer understanding of the mysteries of flight.
2007; 1993

Principles of Flight: Pt. 1 [electronic resource]

In order to be a competent pilot, one must develop a thorough understanding of how and why a plane flies, as well as the forces that affect the flight of an aircraft. This video gives viewers just that. It outlines the forces of Lift and Gravity on an aircraft and goes on to describe how different structures on the plane are used to control these forces. Experts on aeronautics and flight give exciting commentary on their area of expertise.
2007; 1993

Flying High [electronic resource]

Fascinated by flight? In this episode of the PBS Scientific American Frontiers series, host Alan Alda takes the viewer on a captivating journey through the world of aviation. From the evolution of flight in primitive insects to the latest in high-tech aircrafts, Flying High explores the flight secrets of birds, insects, and airplanes. This program features individual stories of avionic ingenuity and our natural world, such as: how birds fly; the test-flight of a solar-powered "eternal plane"; an evolutionary probe into how insects first took flight and how airline pilots cope with increasingly computerized navigation equipment. Lastly, it offers a rare view of a contest between aerial robots as they navigate, fly, and perform tasks...without guidance.

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: The Wright Brothers, ca. 1903

Wright Brothers flight with VO explanation that describes a flight where they break altitude record; and the birth of commercial aviation where a passenger is included with the pilot. Sound effects have been added.

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: Early Aviation, 1906

Early aviation (1906) effort by Danish aviation pioneer Jacob Christian Ellehammer who made the first powered flight in Europe. Shots of strange 3-tiered plane attempting to fly, 3 men help to guide/control it as it flops around.

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: Pioneer Aviators, Ca 1910

British "Aero-club": Pioneer aviators in their airplanes- very clean and good interstitles explain who's who. Early aviation.