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TEDTalks [electronic resource]: Morgan Spurlock, the Greatest TEDTalk Ever Sold

Famed for his documentary Supersize Me, an unflinching look at the impact of fast food, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock tells real-world stories that are personal, political, and, above all, deeply empathetic. With humor and persistence, he has plunged into the hidden but influential world of brand marketing on a quest to make a completely sponsored film about sponsorship. And yes, onstage naming rights for this TEDTalk were sponsored, too. By whom and for how much? Spurlock will be happy to explain.

Traditional Print and Online Advertising [electronic resource]

Where is the best place to spend an advertising budget? Though newspaper circulation is falling, most adults still read the paper, while the popularity of print magazines is increasing, and readership of online media has exploded. This program explains different types of print and digital media formats and the benefits of advertising in each. The relative cost of placing classified and display ads in daily, weekly, and shopper newspapers is compared, along with the marketing difference between buying space in general interest, special interest, regional, and B2B magazines. Online coupons and other advantages of advertising on Web sites is also covered.

The Clios 2002 [electronic resource]

This program catalogues 2002's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Pepsi's "Beckham," Visa's "Dining Out," Blockbuster's "Carl and Ray-Kung Fu," Budweiser's "Mr. Pro Wrestling Wardrobe Designer," Nike's "Freestyle," Toyota Corolla's "School," AT&T's "I'm Okay," Neutrogena Skincare's "Glasses," Audi A3's "Babysitter," Sylvania Lighting's "Old Man," Heineken USA's "Birth of a Sign," Sealy Mattress's "Boy," Volkswagen of America's "Ransom," Bright Dairy's "Football," Florida Department of Health's "Language Class (Swahili)," Feeding Children Better's "Ketchup Soup," and the National Safety Council's "Damage.
2005; 2002

Clio Gold Plus [electronic resource]: Best of 2002

This program highlights the Clio gold and silver winners for the year 2002. Entries include Blockbuster's "Carl and Ray-Kung Fu," NutraSweet's "Fake," Nike's "Freestyle," Sony Wega's "Kite," Guinness's "Dreamer," Telecom Argentina's "Yawn," Moonlight Cinema's "Mozzie," the French Electricity Board's "The Valley," BMW of North America's "Ambush," Fox Sports' "Leaf Blower" and "Nail Gun," Doctors Without Borders' "Frontieres," and Womankind Worldwide's "Women Abuse.
2006; 2002

Persuasion, Propaganda, and Photography [electronic resource]

This program addresses the emotionally manipulative power of photography by illustrating how commercial advertising has created an obsession with youth and physical perfection and can exploit viewers' fascinations with celebrity, sexuality, and violence. The video also demonstrates how photogenic people who adroitly use the visual media have come to dominate the political scene. Commentary is provided by Steve Luker, formerly a creative director with Publicis & Hal Riney; Shanto Iyengar, director of the Political Communication Lab at Stanford University; museum educator Julia Brashares; and others.
2005; 2001

The Clios 2003 [electronic resource]

This program rounds up 2003's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include FedEx's "Desert Island," Microsoft Xbox's "Eartennis," BMW of North America's "Ticker" and "Beat the Devil," Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser's "Cards," Sci-Fi Channel's "Tattoo Man," Hacks Candy's "Samurai," Sealect Tuna's "Buffet," Saturn's "Sheet Metal," Nokia Media Master's "Tennis," Glidden Paints' "Margarita," Sears Roebuck's "Prodigal Son," Philips Batteries' "Alarm Clock," Volkswagen of America's "Squares," BT Broadband's "Burst Pipe," Ontario Lottery and Gaming's "Stairs," and Pediatricians Against Child Abuse's "Old Man.
2005; 2003

Clio Gold Plus [electronic resource]: Best of 2003

This program honors the best of the Clio gold and silver winners for the year 2003. Entries include IKEA's "Lamp," Nike Shox NZ's "Streaker," Coca-Cola's "Supersub," Wrangler's "Cafe," BMW of North America's "Hostage," Verizon Wireless' "Ferret," Whiskas' "Bungee," Peugeot 206's "The Sculptor," Hewlett-Packard's "Digital Crime Fighting," Masterpack's "Watch," Labatt Breweries/Bud Light's "Ulterior Emotions," Renault's "Road," Prensa Libre's "Stadium," Handelsblatt Newspaper's "Space Pen," California Milk Processor Board's "Birthday," United Nations/Ad Council's "Under Five," and American Legacy Foundation's "Box of Poison.
2006; 2003

Now With Bill Moyers [electronic resource]: Kathleen Hall Jamieson on Political Advertising

Amidst the mudslinging, campaign promises, and scare tactics, what is really being said in those highly produced political ads? In this program, Bill Moyers talks with one of America's leading political and media analysts, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, dean of the Annenberg School of Communication and author of Everything You Think You Know About Politics. And Why You're Wrong. Through astute analysis, Jamieson deconstructs more than a dozen TV commercials used by politicians and public interest groups, homing in on their visual and rhetorical methods to expose their actual agendas of issue advocacy. Together, Jamieson and Moyers discuss the significance of these ads in the contexts of future elections and American politics in general.
2005; 2003

The Clios 2007 [electronic resource]

This program tallies up 2007's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Combos' "Heart to Heart," Honda's "Brand New," Camelot Lottery's "Bag of Smiles," Coca-Cola's "Video Game," Reale Mutua's "The Family," Skittles' "Leak," Nike Air Max's "Defy," Altoids' "Fruit Pants," BBC Radio 2's "Elvis," Minority Forum's "Black Soccer Star," Axe Dry's "Mother Hen," Volkswagen's "Like," Propel Fitness Water's "Stress Monster," Nokia's "Jeans," Guinness' "Hands," Johnny Walker's "Human," and National Breast Cancer Center's "Finding Changes.

Clio Gold Plus [electronic resource]: Best of 2007

This program offers the best of the Clio gold and silver winners for the year 2007. Entries include Sony Bravia's "Paint," Combos' "Fever," Dove Self-Esteem Fund's "Evolution," Instituto de Apoio a Crianca's "Alzheimer's," Coca-Cola's "Happiness Factory," Toyota Yaris' "Chase," Sprite's "Sublymonal," Vaseline's "Sea of Skin," Microsoft Xbox 360's "Cops and Robbers," JCPenney's "Crazy Beautiful," Sure Deodorant's "Go Wild," Sears' "Arboretum," Travelers Insurance's "Snowball," Nike's "Swing," Adidas' "Equipo," Toyota's "Humanity," and Skittles' "Beard.

Moyers & Company [electronic resource]: Fighting for Fair Play on TV, and Taxes

With the 2012 campaign season moving from primary to election mode, Bill Moyers invites back to his studio master media decoder Kathleen Hall Jamieson for a look at the role media misinformation will play in the Obama vs. Romney TV ad slugfest. Jamieson runs the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, including the sites and In this edition of Moyers & Company, Jamieson and Moyers discuss the sharp increase in deceptive advertising in the 2012 race and equally alarming new obstacles to campaign ad transparency. In addition, Moyers talks to RoseAnn DeMoro, who heads the largest registered nurses' union in the country, and who is championing the Robin Hood Tax, a small government levy the financial sector would pay on commercial t [...]

This Space Available [electronic resource]: Outdoor Advertising and the Fight Against Visual Pollution

With billboards choking cityscapes around the world, a global grassroots movement has sprouted that is uniting concerned citizens with visionary politicians, enlightened business leaders, and outraged street artists in a fight against visual pollution. This Space Available explores efforts to reclaim commercially usurped public spaces as it takes an incisive look at the differences between the Baby Boomer generation, which spawned the excess in advertising, and today's young adults-the most marketed-to generation in history. Complex issues of economics, urban development, public space, aesthetics, and more are confronted as the documentary grapples with the question of who public space is for.

Prelinger Archives: In the Suburbs [electronic resource]

Thoughtfully made advertising sales promo film extolling 1950s suburbanites as citizens and consumers.

Prelinger Archives: The Nation at Your Fingertips [electronic resource]

How direct long distance dialing made the U.S. a smaller place, and how instantaneous direct communication between Americans without operator assistance became possible.

Top 5 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales [electronic resource]

Tierra Destiny Reid reveals how marketing can boost business income. This ABC News report includes the top five marketing tips for any business. From targeted marketing and the use of social media to calling instead of emailing, these tips are low in cost but high in results.

TEDTalks [electronic resource]: Lisa Harouni - a Primer on 3-D Printing

Lisa Harouni, the cofounder of Digital Forming, works on "additive manufacturing" - otherwise known as 3-D printing. In this TEDTalk, Harouni gives a useful introduction to this fascinating way of making things, which includes intricate objects once impossible to create.