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England Swings [electronic resource]: Discontent in London Over the 2012 Olympics

Through a combination of social media hoopla and supercharged conventional coverage, the 2012 London Olympics-as well as the elaborate preparations for them-became a public sensation. But in the shadow of the Games, on the streets of a city bending over backward to host them, there seemed to be more eyeballs rolling than eyeballs drawn in by marketing campaigns. This program reports on the mood prevailing among a disenchanted cross-section of Londoners during the months leading up to the "Grumpylimpics," as some observers dubbed the long-anticipated but quietly begrudged event. From a community footballer irked at the loss of local playing fields to a respected British writer lamenting an urban landscape "enclosed in razor wire," the range of sentiment sheds light on a frequent disco [...]

The Hard Sell [electronic resource]: Marketing Food

Following up on the program Good Enough to Eat: Developing Food Products, this episode explores the marketing of the snack-sized chocolate cake bar in the months before and after its release. During these months, we sit in on boardroom discussions as the marketing team plans and implements its campaign. We learn about the challenges facing food marketers, all vying for a slice of consumers' attention and spending. The reliance on sound market research, the identification of competitor products, and the need to establish points of difference, are all highlighted. A graphic designer and a food stylist demonstrate the importance of artistic food presentation to promote food products, and some legal constraints affecting food-product labeling and promotion are identified and explained. T [...]

The Clios 2000 [electronic resource]

This program brings together 2000's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Levi's "Drugstore," Nike's "The Morning After" and "Beautiful," Bud Light's "Rough Choice," Fatboy Slim's "Praise You,"'s "Tons of Toys," Pepsi's "Play Acting," Sega's "Apocalypse," Whiskas' "Commercial for Cats," MTV's "Snitch," Toyota Tundra's "More Spectacular," British Airways' "Johnny Foreigner," Pretty Polly Bras' "Ooooh," McDonald's Fish Burger's "Swimming," New Zealand Symphony's "The Riot of Spring," Budget Car Rental's "Aromatherapy,"'s "Friends," and Preparation H's "30-Grit.
2006; 2000

The Clios 2001 [electronic resource]

This program captures 2001's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Budweiser's "What Are You Doing?" and "Whassup Wasabi," Reebok's "The Blob," Toyota Tacoma's "Family Reunion," Ford Trucks' "Fight Club," Samsonite Luggage's "Bomb Squad," Timex's "Kung Fu," IBM's "Recording Session," Compaq's "Web," Los Angeles Dodgers' "Giant Loser," Game Show Network's "Botulism," Partnership for a Drug Free America's "Music," The New York Times' "Tornado," San Francisco Jazz Festival's "Low Riders," Sony Playstation's "PS9," and Florida Department of Health's "Secrets.
2005; 2000

Why We Buy What We Buy [electronic resource]

In a consumer culture, the pressure to buy can be as subtle as it is relentless. This program introduces the craft of advertising, explaining the difference between needs and wants while analyzing the power of celebrity endorsements, the psychological advantage of product placement, and other aspects of the business of steering wallets to cash registers.
1900; 2001

Why We Do What We Do [electronic resource]

Beginning with a concise history of the media, this program explores the effects of TV and other information and entertainment sources on personal attitudes and actions as well as on public opinion. The impact of how appearance, language, and behavior are portrayed is considered. Tips on becoming a more critical viewer are included.
1900; 2001

The Clios 2005 [electronic resource]

This program revisits 2005's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Nike's "Evolution," "Shoxploitation," and "Scary House"; Volkswagen's "Time"; Wanadoo's "The Chase"; adidas' "Improvisation"; Labatt-Bud Light's "Cuppa"; Toyota Prius's "Donkey"; Stella's "Pilot"; Ford Ranger Opencab's "King Kong"; Bud Light's "Sky Diver"; and Miller Lite's "Victims.

Clio Gold Plus [electronic resource]: Best of 2005

This program displays the best of the Clio gold and silver winners for the year 2005. Entries include Citroen's "Dance"; Sony PlayStation 2's "Golfers" and "Athletes"; Peugeot 407's "Toys"; North American Coffee Partnership-Starbucks' "Glen"; Volkswagen Golf's "Kids On Steps"; adidas' "Unstoppable"; Mercedes-Benz Convertibles' "Sounds of Summer"; and the California Milk Advisory Board's "Russian Family.

The Clios 2006 [electronic resource]

This program documents 2006's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Honda's "Impossible Dream" and "Dreams," Microsoft Xbox 360's "Water Balloons," Nike Free's "Reincarnate," Rexona's "Stunt City," MTV Networks' "Beatbox Family," Snickers' "Bald," Vodafone's "Mayfly," AOL's "Bad," Volkswagen Polo's "Angel's Day Off," Olympus Europe's "Red-Eyed Baby," Toyota Camry's "Knives," GE's "Ecomagination," Amnesty International's "Candle," and Gun-Free Society's "Children.

Understanding Media Literacy [electronic resource]

TV and radio commercials, Web sites and banner ads, magazine ads, pop songs, photos, and even news articles and textbooks: all of them are sending messages to influence the reader/viewer/listener. How do they grab the attention? What are they selling-a product or service? a lifestyle? an ideology?-and why? Would a different media consumer interpret the message differently? This program raises more questions than it answers, which is the whole point: to prompt students to question, question, question the messages they are bombarded with daily. Savvy media consumers aren't born; they're made, and this program is an excellent tool for shaping the classroom dialogue.

The 5 Communication Secrets That Swept Obama to the Presidency [electronic resource]

What specific skills enabled a young state senator to become, in the space of four years, President of the United States? This program reveals a set of methods and attitudes at the core of successful communication. Presented by renowned public speaking coach Richard Greene, the video incorporates passages from many of President Obama's finest speeches-and uses these examples to explore tone of voice (varying volume, pace, pitch, and resonance); body language (improving eye contact, openness, and listening); verbal language (avoiding jargon and using sensory-specific words); message content (sharing feelings and heartfelt goals); and fluency in visual, auditory, and kinesthetic communication styles.
2009; 2008

Clio Gold Plus [electronic resource]: Best of 2009

This program showcases the best of the Clio winners for the year 2009. Entries include "Beauty Bowling" (Esthe WAM Hair Removal), "Bulldozer" (Crest), "Damn Boots" (Nomis Football Boots), "Doghouse" (JCPenney), "Everybody Against Everybody" (Amnesty International), "Fate" (Nike), "Get It On" (Durex), "It's Mine" (Coca-Cola), "Pinata" (Skittles), "Rabbit" (Comcast), "Secrets and Lies" (Levi Strauss), "So Cute" (Axe Shower Gel), "Sound Designer" (HILTI Vegetarian Restaurant), "The Calling" (Gran Centenario Tequila), "Transformation" (Australian Tourism), and more.

The Clios 2009 [electronic resource]

This program brings together 2009's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include "Aaron Burr" (California Milk Processor Board), "Announcement" (Carlsberg Lager), "Brother of the Bride" (Hallmark), "Dance" (T-Mobile), "Eyebrows" (Cadbury's Dairy Milk), "Fight" (Volkswagen Golf), "Heist" (Coca-Cola), "Love at First Flight" (Virgin Atlantic 25 Years), "Penguins" (BBC iPlayer), "Presence" (Mercedes-Benz), "Sea Orchestra" (United Airlines), "Soap" (Wego), "This Is Your Final Wake-Up Call" (Nike), "Unboxed" (Audi Q5), "Walk for Safe Sex" (Trojan Condoms), and many more.

Buying Into Sexy [electronic resource]: Sexing Up of Tweens

Ads targeting girls between the ages of 8 and 12 employ an increasing level of sexuality. Are advertisers responding to neo-feminist notions of "girl power" or are they leading girls toward harmful self-images? This program examines the trend by following a group of tween girls through their daily lives, recording their perceptions of fashion, celebrities, boys, and themselves. Interviews with both concerned and clueless parents-as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the corporate decision-making which so profoundly impacts tween culture-are also included. Frank conversations with Candie's CEO Neil Cole and a hard look at MuchMusic programming practices enhance this urgently needed social analysis.
2007; 2005

Igniting the Buzz [electronic resource]: Cashing in on Cool

Marketing specialists can no longer rely on traditional media, such as television and print ads, to generate mass appeal. And sometimes they don't need to. This program explores marketing case studies in which consumers-often those in the 18-to-25 age group-have boosted product sales through word-of-mouth, amateur videos, fan clubs, and other informal and unpaid means. Featuring commentary from marketing guru Seth Godin, author of Small Is the New Big and All Marketers Are Liars, the program takes viewers inside promotional crusades that have benefited from, or tried to exploit, nontraditional marketing. Examples include campaigns for Mukluk boots and Virgin Mobile as well as a giddy Mac user conference featuring Steve Jobs.
2007; 2005

Rethinking the Advertising Game [electronic resource]

Conventional wisdom says an ad agency should promote the brands of its clients. Why would the reverse ever happen? This fast-paced case study profiles three young executives as they open up Rethink, a new agency. The quirky realities of starting and running an ad business become clear with each "first" in the growth of the company-the moment Rethink signs its first clients, hires its first employees, creates its first television campaign, and launches a product with its own name on the label. Viewers will indeed rethink the ad game as this upstart agency's self-named beer is bottled and sold-part of an unusual strategy for a brewery that has hired them. Will Rethink's risk produce results?
2007; 2005

King of the Infomercial [electronic resource]: A. J. Kubani

There's a fine art to selling earlobe lifts, inflatable massage boots, and mini-staircases for arthritic dogs. This ABC News program enters the strange world of A. J. Kubani and his New Jersey-based company, Telebrands-a purveyor of quirky household products showcased in late-night TV infomercials. In a one-on-one interview, Kubani discusses his main strategy: identifying a mundane, irksome problem and immediately offering a quick fix. "Preventions don't sell," he declares, demonstrating a keen awareness of his customer base-while conceding the hit-or-miss nature of his product line. The program also provides a behind-the-scenes look at pitching and shooting a Telebrands infomercial.
2009; 2007

The Clios 2008 [electronic resource]

This program enumerates 2008's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Hydro Oil and Energy "Train," Freixenet "The Key to Reserva," Absolut "Protest," Concert Hall Dortmund "Symphony in Red," ASICS "Origami," "Daybreak" and "Legs," Toyota "Earth's Greatest Four-Wheel Drive," Nike Cricket "Traffic," Louis Vuitton "A Journey," Sony Walkman "Music Pieces," Iberia "Snap," Microsoft Xbox "Diorama" and "Making of John-117 Monument," EPURON "Power of Wind," Skoda Fabia "Cake," Volkswagen Golf "Night Drive," Volkswagen Touareg "Keep It Clean," and nearly 100 others.
2009; 2008

Clio Gold Plus [electronic resource]: Best of 2008

This program focuses on the best of the Clio gold and silver winners for the year 2008. Entries include McDonald's "Estate Agent," "Alan Hansen," and "Plumber"; Sony Bravia "Play-Doh"; StuffIt Deluxe "Life of a Goldfish," "Pregnancy," and "New Year's Resolutions"; Kellogg's All-Bran "Construction Worker"; Centraal Beheer Achmea "Prison Guard"; Sedal "Placard"; Shera Ceiling Board "Shakespearean Gecko"; YWCA Vancouver "Paper"; Greenpeace "Hanging On"; Petronas "Tan Hong Ming"; JCPenney "Aviator"; Guinness "Tipping Point" and "Music Machine"; Smirnoff "Sea"; Thorntons "Stuck"; Herringbone "Henri"; Brand Jordan "Engine"; and nearly two dozen others.
2009; 2008

Paris Hilton, Inc [electronic resource]: Selling of Celebrity

Perhaps the best example of paparazzi-aided self-promotion, Paris Hilton has almost single-handedly refocused Big Media's editorial priorities. This program studies the cultural and technological forces that have shaped the modern tabloid industry and propelled Hilton's bizarre ascent to worldwide stardom. Experts featured in the program include celebrity photographer Jeff Vespa, media consultant and Hilton associate Elliot Mintz, New York Times columnist David Carr, X17 photo agency owner Brandy Navarre, and former gossip columnist Lloyd Grove. Interviews with Hilton herself are excerpted, while an inside look at those who hound celebrities for a living offers additional insight into the mechanisms that feed popular culture.
2009; 2007