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Philippines [electronic resource]: Globe Trekker

Shilpa Mehta visits some of the Philippines' 7,000 islands in this Globe Trekker video. On the island of Luzon, she visits the giant statue of Ferdinand Marcos, learning about life during his rule, and a faith healer renowned for performing surgery without tools or incisions. Shilpa then visits the famous Hanging Coffins and amazing rice terraces, often considered the eighth wonder of the world, before stopping at San Fernando, where real-life crucifixions take place as a form of penance on Good Friday. She witnesses cockfighting and child prostitution, goes to a ballroom dancing nightclub, dives off exotic shores, takes a steam engine ride, samples local delicacies like roast pig and duck embryo on the island of Mindanao, visits the beautiful but controversial Saint Joseph's Chapel, [...]

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: The Marcos Regime in the Philippines, ca. 1980

History of the Marcos regime in the 1980s. Includes video footage of scene of murder of Benino Aquino (1983) Warning: Graphic material.

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: American Troops in the Philippines, 1944

World War II - American troops advancing through the Philippines towards Manila

The Raid [electronic resource]: Alleged Underage Prostitution in Philippines

Girls as young as 14 are being bought and sold in overseas bars that are owned by Americans. This ABC News report for Nightline travels to the Philippines to observe a law enforcement raid on one such bar. Investigators struggle to find enough evidence to arrest the men who not only engage in sex with minors, but also sell these girls to other men.

United News: Release 126 (1944) MacArthur Returns to the Philippines [electronic resource]

This World War II-era newsreel includes the following segments: 1. Naval guns bombard the beaches of Leyte; Generals MacArthur and Wainwright. 2. Red Cross personnel pack food for Americans imprisoned in Germany. 3. Cadets parade at Uruguay's military academy in Montevideo. 4. A MARK I calculator at Harvard University. 5. Marines capture pillboxes and dugouts on Peleliu Island. 6. The 5th Army breaks through the Gothic Line in Italy.

United News: Release 148 (1945) Manila Entirely Free in Savage Last-Ditch Battle [electronic resource]

This World War II-era newsreel includes the following segments: 1. U.S. troops fight in Manila streets and care for refugees; Gen. MacArthur sees the American flag raised on Corregidor. 2. UNRRA loads ships with clothing for Europe; Henry J. Kaiser. 3. The War Memorial Building in San Francisco is readied for the United Nations; Secretary of State Stettinius and Senators Connally and Vandenberg visit President Roosevelt at the White House; Stettinius explains the U.N. purposes. 4. The 1st Army enters Cologne; Allied troops capture bridges across the Rhine.

United News: Release 152 (1945) Continued Liberation of Philippines [electronic resource]

This World War II-era newsreel includes the following segments: 1. Artillery units blast Japanese troops from the hills of Luzon. 2. President Truman and Secretary of State Stettinius greet San Francisco Conference delegates at the White House. 3. Chinese workers move gasoline drums to the front lines. 4. U.S. troops liberate Russians from German prison camps; Generals Patton and Bradley meet in Munich; the segment also features Jan Christian Smuts, Anthony Eden, Molotov, Georges Bidault, and T.V. Soong.

American Troops Land in the Philippines ca. 1945

Immediately following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese troops attacked the American military base on Luzon, the Philippines' largest island, and had overtaken the entire territory by early 1942. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered General Douglas MacArthur to withdraw from the Philippines, leading MacArthur to proclaim, "I shall return." In September 1944, MacArthur's forces began their efforts to retake the Philippines.
2007; 1945

Families of Philippines: Families of the World

Meet 13-year old Khim, a boy who lives on the rural island of Cebu with his grandparents, aunt and her two children. See the dozens of outrigger boats Khim points out as he explains how the fisherman collect the fish that he and his family eat nearly every night. Shahani, 7, lives near the capital city of Manila, a thriving city boasting many modern skyscrapers. Living with her mom, dad and older sister, the early riser gets help from mom getting started in the morning before she's off to school.
2014; 2011

The Philippines: Hilot Massage

In the Philippines, it is often said that the sea links the people. But something else also links the inhabitants of this archipelago- Hilot, an ancient art of healing through touch. Its practitioners, the manghihilot, use only their hands and coconut oil. Bernard Fontanille meets Angelita Calderon who earns her living as a seamstress and does not charge for Hilot treatments. Alongside Angelita, Bernard discovers a medical tradition based on pressure points and manual manipulation.
2016; 2014

The Philippines: Siquijor, the Healing Island

Siquijor is a small island located in the heart of the Visayan Islands. For a long time Siquijor was feared on account of its witches, but today, the island is famous for its healers. The power in Siquijor is intrinsically linked to its earth. The island's limestone, non-volcanic soil is unlike others in the archipelago. Bernard Fontanille meets Noel Terremocha, a well-known healer and follows him on a quest for ingredients.
2016; 2015