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The French Experience, Series 2
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Langues et Pays [electronic resource]: Languages and Homelands

In this program, everyday people in Quebec, Guadeloupe, and Senegal describe their homelands, tell what languages in addition to French are spoken there, and explain some of the benefits of being a Francophone-a part of a global community that binds together some 50 countries. The video also spotlights the Senegalese village of Enampore and its tourism industry and looks at how Quebecois have creatively coined words to replace English words for which there was previously no translation.

Identites [electronic resource]: Identity

Mon pere est d'origine Africaine. "Ma mere est nee en Guadeloupe." In this program, everyday people talk about their roots: where their ancestors came from, how long they themselves have lived in a particular place, and what it means to them to be from Senegal, Quebec, and the French overseas region of Guadeloupe. In addition, the video travels to the House of Slaves freedom museum on Senegal's Goree Island and to Guadeloupe, where a mixture of races, religions, and traditions have fused, over the centuries, into a vibrant Caribbean Creole culture.

Argent [electronic resource]: Money

In this program, Guadeloupeans, Senegalese, and Quebecois talk about how they spend their money-and what they might do if they ever win a fortune! The video also shows how to pay a hotel bill and how to haggle over a purchase. In addition, Senegalese artisans in Dakar who turn junk into fashionable briefcases and cloth scraps into keepsake quilts are profiled, and a sugarcane plantation on Guadeloupe's island of Grande-Terre is spotlighted.

Environnements [electronic resource]: Weather and the Environment

In this program, Quebecois talk about the severe winter weather of Montreal and Guadeloupeans recall what it was like to live through Hurricane Hugo. The video also spotlights the "enchanted island" children's project on Guadeloupe's tranquil Terre-de-Bas and visits Montreal's winter-defying underground city, a perpetually temperate world beneath the urban surface-miles of pavement where thousands of "storm swallowers" work around the clock to clear away tons and tons of snow.

Metiers [electronic resource]: Professions

In this program, everyday people from Quebec, Guadeloupe, and Senegal talk about what they do for a living, how long they have been doing it, what types of training they have had, and the advantages and disadvantages of having to work. In addition, the video profiles a French Canadian who left an office job in Quebec to work in the wild as an adventure guide and a renowned pair of photographers who have traveled the world to capture its breathtaking beauty on film.

Generations et Traditions [electronic resource]: Generations and Traditions

In this program, children explain how they help around the house, list things they are forbidden to do, and tell what irritates them about their parents, while adults frankly discuss ways in which children are different from when they themselves were young. The video also examines the tension between tradition and change in Senegal through the story of a group of women who have succeeded in establishing their own fish processing business and the story of a young businessman who, as a religious leader's son, accepts that he will at some point have to give up his work to succeed his father.

Transports et Voyages [electronic resource]: Transportation and Travel

In this program, a driver in Senegal phones in a rental car breakdown, a Canadian traveler reports a piece of lost luggage, and a couple in Quebec rent a pair of snowmobiles. In addition, the video spotlights three unusual forms of locomotion that have helped tame the Canadian winter: an air taxi on the Isle-aux-Grues that transports residents and freight to and from the mainland; specialized canoes that ferry residents of the ice-locked island when weather grounds the air taxi; and the ubiquitous snowmobile, invented in Quebec and used throughout the world.

Societes [electronic resource]: Societies and Their Languages

Should Creole be on an equal footing with French in Guadeloupe? Should Quebec, Canada's French-speaking province, be a sovereign country? In this program, Guadeloupeans and Quebecois give their opinions and defend their different points of view on language-related issues that touch upon the core identities of their societies. The video also considers the divergent views of the formerly nomadic Montagnais people of Quebec as to whether the Innu reserve of Mani-Utenam is a true village or merely a corral for First Nations. Does a legal document define a village, or does its strong sense of community?

Gastronomie [electronic resource]: Culinary Adventures

Maple syrup from Quebec and spices from Guadeloupe are tasty topics of conversation in this program. The video also profiles scientists in Guadeloupe who discuss delicious hybrids of banana under development and spotlights exotic cuisine on the menu at the Montreal Insectarium: browned maggots, grilled grasshoppers, and fried worms!