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Forensics School: Inside a Criminal Justice Training Center
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Bodies, Blood, and Ballistics Part 1 [electronic resource]: Forensics School

From the physics of bullet trajectories to the grim details of human decay, forensic science is a challenging discipline for any student to enter. This program ushers viewers into the prestigious Forensic Science department at the University of Central Lancashire in Great Britain. Tests and coursework involve ballistics experiments used to solve a shotgun shooting case; an introduction to blood splatter analysis at the school's mock crime scene facility; and an ordeal that every first-year forensics school scholar, regardless of his or her personal goals and sensitivities, is required to undergo-the Death and Decomposition lecture.
2009; 2006

Hands-on Police Work Part 2 [electronic resource]: Forensics School

Fingerprint analysis, crime scene photography, the fine art of grave digging-these are only a few of the highlights on the path to mastering forensic science. This program follows the progress of students in the respected Forensic Science department at the University of Central Lancashire. As part of the Forensic Anthropology course, a third-year student has to put himself in the mind-set of a murderer as he learns how to dispose of human remains. Meanwhile, first-year students knuckle down at the school's mock crime scene facility for a practical test in fingerprinting and crime scene documentation within various simulated scenarios.
2009; 2006

Crime Scene Chronicles Part 3 [electronic resource]: Forensics School

Criminal investigators must be able to analyze any type of crime scene, be it a criminal's abandoned car or the elegant surroundings of a manor house. This program follows crime scene studies undertaken in the renowned Forensic Science department at the University of Central Lancashire in the U.K. Viewers accompany first-year Police and Criminal Investigation students as they gather evidence from within and outside mock automobiles; attempt to solve an armed robbery of wealthy partygoers through lab analysis of blood, fabric, and glass shards; and confront several other realistic and often gory crime scenarios.
2009; 2006

From Canines to Courtroom Part 4 [electronic resource]: Forensics School

Although they perform a vital service, police dogs aren't the only creatures to keep track of at crime scenes-wild animals can play a role, too. This program studies the usefulness of canines and the often confusing influence of scavengers as it documents coursework at the University of Central Lancashire's Forensic Science department. In addition to portraying the police skills of man's best friend and the difficulty of locating victims' remains in a forest environment, the program also looks at preparations for a mock trial. Students in the Forensic Law module must organize and present findings as if they are expert witnesses delivering scientific testimony for the prosecution.
2009; 2006

Goodbye Classroom, Hello Crime Part 5 [electronic resource]: Forensics School

Creating a DNA profile, identifying skeleton parts, finding hidden graves-just a few loose ends to tie up before graduation! This program represents the culmination of three challenging years in the Forensic Science department at the University of Central Lancashire. But first, viewers follow a first-year student as she prepares for a genetic profiling exam and a second-year as she studies human infrastructure for an impending bone quiz. After two third-years face a final test in locating clandestine burial sites, it's on to the commencement party-where departing students reflect on their experiences, discuss career plans, and contemplate life after Forensics School.