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Commitment [electronic resource]: Patients, Professionalism, and Boundaries-Ethical Issues in Nursing

Highlighting the second provision of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, this program focuses on aspects of nursing pertaining to commitment. It emphasizes the role of the nurse as patient advocate. Through engaging on-screen scenarios and expert interviews, the video addresses the primacy of patient interests and the nurse's role as a moral agent who will invariably make the patient's welfare an overriding priority. Viewers also receive a thorough grounding in avoiding conflicts of interest, respecting professional boundaries, and taking the proper actions or channels when the wishes of the patient clash with others. Explores the importance of collaboration in the workplace while maintaining personal commitment and a productive, professional focus.

Introduction [electronic resource]: Concepts, Values, and Decision Making-Ethical Issues in Nursing

Using expert interviews and illustrative scenarios, this program provides a solid introduction to the fundamental ethical terms and concepts that nursing trainees need to know. It clearly defines justice, fidelity, autonomy, moral distress, and other touchstones of ethical practice. The video also explores the vital role that personal values play in ethical situations, how to best understand and address value conflicts, the importance of a nurse's self-regard, and key steps to sound, ethical decision-making. Viewers learn about the JCAHO mandate that health care institutions address ethical issues related to patient care. Utilizes the ethical codes of the American Nurses Association, the Canadian Nurses Association, and the International Council of Nurses.

Protection [electronic resource]: Privacy, Safety, and Standards-Ethical Issues in Nursing

Exploring the third provision in the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, this program looks at confidentiality standards mandated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as the role of ethics in medical research. The video also addresses the proper methods for reporting unethical, illegal, or impaired practices. With help from illustrative scenarios and expert interviews, viewers learn about the importance of patient privacy and confidentiality and various ways that nurses can successfully advocate for their patients, including those who might participate in research. Also covered: review mechanisms and the role of an ethics committee.

Respect [electronic resource]: Dignity, Autonomy, and Relationships-Ethical Issues in Nursing

Focusing on the first provision of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, this program presents short scenarios and commentary from health care professionals to illustrate key knowledge points. Viewers are familiarized with the central concept of respect. The video explores the importance of establishing positive relationships with patients, offering practical ways that nurses can show respect and emphasize human dignity in their work. Other vital concepts include factors of diversity, a patient's right to self-determination, and end-of-life issues. The program clearly describes the nurse's role in supporting patient autonomy, informed consent, and the practice of extending respect beyond patients to one's colleagues as well.