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Kidneys [electronic resource]

In this tour of the human body, Dr. Alice Roberts introduces viewers to the key organs. She dissects animal organs - similar in form and function to human ones - and explains how we can hold on to our health and live to a ripe old age. Dr. Roberts puts three rugby players through their paces to find out how their kidneys cope under the stress of dehydration; and June, who has been in dialysis for four years, speaks from her own experience with failing kidneys. Her sister, Lorraine, offers her own kidney, and when it is found to be a match, the program follows the live kidney transplant operation.

Heart [electronic resource]

The heart is a hardworking organ that makes sure every muscle, tissue, and cell in the body gets just what it needs. In this episode, Dr. Alice Roberts puts her own heart to the test when she rides in a stunt plane performing acrobatics. She discovers what happens to her heart rate under stress. When she's back on the ground, she visits a pub and a chip shop to analyze what happens to her heart when she's drinking alcohol and eating chips. She finds out why a couple of alcoholic drinks are good for the heart and sees for herself just how greasy fat from chips looks when it enters her bloodstream.

Lungs [electronic resource]

In this episode, Dr. Alice Roberts uses shock tactics to make one confirmed smoker realize how much she's damaging her lungs. On a night in the pub, Lisa can easily binge smoke her way through 40 cigarettes. She gets out of breath quickly and knows that quitting cigarettes will give her more endurance. She meets Dr. Roberts in the laboratory, where they dissect a set of pig's lungs (very similar to human lungs) to discover just how they work. They also watch an operation carried out on a 56-year-old smoker, who has a cancerous tumor on her lungs. Lisa realizes this is exactly what she could be facing if she doesn't give up her habit.

Eyes [electronic resource]

Dr. Alice Roberts undergoes a thorough eye examination in this episode of her tour of the body's major organs. She puts her own body to the test, beginning with a 250-foot climb up a sheer cliff face - blindfolded. She also meets Sarah, who has a family history of eye problems, and sets out to discover if her computer- and TV-dependent lifestyle is affecting her sight. In addition, Dr. Roberts investigates whether carrots really are good for the eyes and whether the sunglasses available today offer enough protection from sun damage. She also checks out the pros and cons of modern laser eye surgery, and gets a firsthand account of living with vision impairment.

Skin [electronic resource]

The body's largest organ - the skin - comes under close scrutiny in this episode. Dr. Alice Roberts puts her own skin through a series of tests, weathering temperature extremes and undergoing a computer program that shows what she will look like at the age of 80. She also looks into the thousands of wrinkle creams available today to determine whether they are helpful and meets a 22-year-old farmer who exposes his skin to the hazards of the elements on a daily basis. She puts his skin under the microscope to find out just how much it is damaged. The program also features a farmer's wife in her sixties, who has a cancerous growth removed.