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The Spirit of Dance: Ballroom Dancing [electronic resource]

Tribute to Julius Kaiser, a much respected and beloved ballroom teacher, coach and adjudicator in the Boston area. Kaiser himself traces his career from his beginnings as a folk dancer and notator in his native Hungary ; his study of ballet in Vienna ; his immigration to the U.S., where he was sponsored by the Arthur Murray Studio in Washington, D.C., and received a scholarship to Boston Conservatory of Music through the offices of the Dance Notation Bureau in New York ; his activities as a ballroom teacher and judge ; his current work with collegiate ballroom dancers. He also discusses the changes he has observed in ballroom dancing over the years, and the prospect of ballroom dancing (renamed dancesport) becoming an Olympic sport. Melissa Eisensmith and Bhak Tanta-Nanta, students a [...]

Spirit of Dance: Dance in College [electronic resource]

Yasuko Tokunaga, artistic director of the dance division of Boston Conservatory of Music, and Gretchen Ward Warren, professor of dance at the University of South Florida in Tampa, discuss the dance programs at their respective institutions: curricula, degree programs, students, auditions and entrance requirements, and their graduates' achievements. They also offer advice to dancers debating the choice of college or professional career. A student's point of view is provided by Libby Stackhouse. Warren and Tokunaga also describe their dance backgrounds and the paths that led to their present positions ; Warren also talks about her two books, Classical ballet technique (1989) and The art of teaching ballet (1996). Video excerpts depict students of Boston Conservatory of Music in Michel [...]

The Spirit of Dance: Ethnic Dance Arts [electronic resource]

In separate interviews Martha Carr and Malena del Mar, former members of La Meri's dance company, discuss her work on Cape Cod, where she ended her career, and talk about their desire to preserve her choreography. With this purpose they have co-founded their own dance company, named Ethnic Dance Arts after La Meri's company. Carr and Del Mar are seen in video clips of dances from Tahiti, Hawaii and India ; Del Mar is also seen in a flamenco dance. Carr, in the studio, discusses some distinguishing characteristics of ethnic dance forms (hand gestures, use of the face and eyes, storytelling function) and displays dance costumes and implements from Hawaii, Tahiti, Java, and India.
2004; 1996

Dance on: Lois Silk [electronic resource]

Lois Silk, movement/exercise teacher of Alexander technique, discusses body tension in dancers; the center as the source of the body's energy; the importance of stretch; the quality of life; and the interaction between student and teacher.
2000; 1983

The Dutch National Ballet [electronic resource]

Contains performances by the Dutch National Ballet and an interview with choreographer Hans van Manen.
2000; 2004

The Kirov Celebrates Nijinsky [electronic resource]: Le Spectre de la Rose

Created by Fokine to the music of Weber's Invitation to the Dance, Le Spectre de la rose is one of the choreographer's most poetic creations. With Zhanna Ayupova as the young girl who dreams that the spirit of the rose (Igor Kolb) enters her window and dances with her before disappearing with a spectacular leap, this Kirov staging recreates the original décor designed by Léon Bakst, the charm of which lies in its subtle understanding of the romantic ethos of the 1830s-1840s.
2013; 2002