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TEDTalks [electronic resource]: Doris Kearns Goodwin - Learning From Past Presidents in Moments of Crisis

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin is one of the great popularizers of presidential history. Her books on Lyndon Johnson, the Kennedys, and the wartime Roosevelts all became best-sellers thanks to her ability to tell a truly human story around these larger-than-life men and women. Her latest book, Team of Rivals, follows Abraham Lincoln, a brilliant young country lawyer, as he rises to the U.S. Presidency and draws his former political opponents into his circle of advisors (her book is slated for one of Steven Spielberg's next films). Her fascination with baseball was the subject of her beloved memoir Wait Till Next Year. In this TEDTalk, Goodwin discusses what we can learn from American presidents, including Lincoln and Johnson. She also shares a moving memory of her own father and of t [...]

Congress [electronic resource]: How It Works

This program takes the viewer step by step through the various functions of Congress - in three parts: Opening Day details how Congress reorganizes itself every two years; Its Powers describes the enumerated and implied powers of Congress; and Impeachment Powers explains one of the checks and balances provided in the Constitution.

Issues and Controversies in American History Video Clip Collection [electronic resource]

To explore America's past in a meaningful way, a growing number of educators strive for spirited debate and passionate discussion in their classrooms. The key is get students talking about historical events with the same energy and immediacy that today's topics provoke. But accomplishing that is virtually impossible without the right catalyst. This collection of 25 concise video clips is designed to spark thoughtful, productive dialogue on major turning points in U.S. history. Each clip lays out two opposing viewpoints, framing a complex historical episode as if it were a debatable "issue" - just as citizens of the time might have thought and argued about it. In some cases, such as the segments on Jamestown or the Salem witch trials, the debate echoes scholarly disagreements that exi [...]

Historical Inaugural Perspectives [electronic resource]

As preparations are made for President-Elect Barack Obama's Inauguration, Stacey Delikat reports on past Inaugurations and some of the more memorable moments.

The Presidency [electronic resource]: A Personal Perspective

The President of the United States arguably holds the most powerful and influential role in the world. He is faced with the challenge of leading the country and responding to the critical domestic issues of the day, while at the same time serving as a world leader with responsibility for action on global issues. This program explores the very demanding role of the president through the personal insights of former president Gerald Ford; former presidential advisor Roger Porter, who served presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush; and Washington Post columnist David Broder.

The Presidency [electronic resource]: Hail to the Chief?

Recent presidential elections indicate that more and more Americans are concerned with the quality of the candidates they are voting for, and there is an increasing influence from third parties. What is the future of the office of the president? This program examines the changing political environment and expectations related to the leadership role of the president. Among the experts featured in the program are former presidential advisor Roger Porter, who served presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush, and Washington Post columnist David Broder.

The Presidents: 1789-1825 [electronic resource]

This program covers the Constitutional Era, the period where America's Founding Fathers became the nation's first administrators. Defining points of historical consequence include the Whiskey Rebellion (George Washington), the XYZ Affair (John Adams), the Louisiana Purchase (Thomas Jefferson), the War of 1812 (James Madison), and the Monroe Doctrine (James Monroe).

The Presidents: 1825-1849 [electronic resource]

This program focuses on a period marked by rapid growth for the nation and contentious politics in Washington. It includes the rancid politics of the John Quincy Adams presidency; the Indian Removal Act of Andrew Jackson's presidency; the economic turmoil of Martin Van Buren's term; William Henry Harrison's death, leading to the first crisis of succession; John Tyler's expulsion from his own political party; and the Mexican War of James K. Polk's presidency.

The Presidents: 1849-1865 [electronic resource]

This program examines the most turbulent period in all of U.S. history: when the volatile issues of states rights and slavery propelled the nation into all-out civil war. The video highlights the rough-hewn style of Zachary Taylor, the compromising weaknesses of Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce, the near-treasonous administration of James Buchanan, and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln - America's first war president and the savior of the republic.

Divided States of America: Part 2

The film examines how President Obama's promise of change and unity collided with racial and political realities. Part Two examines racial tensions in America, the war for control of the GOP, and the growing dysfunction in Washington.
2018; 2017

Politics of the New South

More than 80,000 refugees have settled in Georgia since the 1980s and 10,000 of them were placed just outside of Atlanta in the small city of Clarkston. As a result, Clarkston's population went from 97 percent American-born to 53 percent foreign-born. We return to Clarkston to follow unlikely candidates in the city's 2013 local election, as three Mayoral and City Council candidates are former refugees who will be running for office-and voting-for the first time. Will they be able to bring new voters to the polls and make their voices heard? America By the Numbers documents this remarkable moment in Clarkston's history.
2018; 2014

Hillary Clinton: The Interview

This is anexclusive Sarah Ferguson interview for Four Corners.
2019; 2017

Ken Burns: The Mayo Clinic : Faith, Hope and Science

This is the story of the renowned institution that has been called the "place for hope when there is no hope." By combining the history of the institution with stories about present-day patients, the film makes an important contribution to discussions about our commitment to taking care of each other, about the role of money and profit in medicine, and about the very nature of healing itself.

Surviving the Holocaust

Join Ann Curry as Holocaust survivors search for those who gave them hope in the darkest days. One wants to find the friend he left behind when he didn't move to Israel; the other hopes to reunite with the girl who was his first friend.
2019; 2018

Juror #5: 58 Days Jury Duty on the O.J. Simpson Civil Trial

Premiering five years to the month that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were killed, this 60-minute America Undercover exclusive is a unique mix of performance and documentary footage in which Deena Mullen, a theatrical lighting designer, shares her unforgettable experience as one of 12 jurors who served on the O.J. Simpson civil trial in late 1996 and early 1997. Through Mullen's unminced words, media footage outside the trial, and projections of Mullen's courtroom notes and sketches, Juror Number 5 offers new perspectives to a trial that (unlike the first) was untelevised and unseen except by those who sat in the courtroom. It also delivers one woman's powerful voice proclaiming, once and for all, that O.J. Simpson was guilty of murder.
2018; 1999

Outside the Bubble

Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi explores 10 of the most divisive questions facing Americans today. Short profiles illuminating the issues of the day will be woven together with responses from world leaders, elected officials, celebrities and a wide range of citizens of different ages and backgrounds.

Saved in Vietnam

Join Ann Curry as two Vietnam veterans search for the heroes who saved them. An Army officer searches for the helicopter pilot who rescued him, while another soldier wants to reconnect with the surgeon who saved his leg from amputation.
2019; 2018

Great Alaskan Earthquake

Join Ann Curry as two Alaskans try to track down childhood friends who also survived the state's massive 1964 earthquake. A woman wants to thank a friend and her mom for shielding her from harm, and a man searches for a former teammate.
2019; 2018