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Post Mortem [electronic resource]: The Death Investigation Crisis in America

Every day, nearly 7,000 people die in America, and the rate of autopsies - the gold standard of death investigation - has plummeted. As a result, not only do murderers go free and innocent people go to jail, but the crisis in death investigation in America is also a threat to public health. Frontline correspondent Lowell Bergman reports the results of a joint investigation with ProPublica, NPR, and the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley.

Abu Ghraib [electronic resource]: Torturer's Tale

Javal Davis was imprisoned for assaulting inmates at Abu Ghraib, but insists he is not a torturer. His fellow MP Ken Davis was never implicated, having reported the abuse to superiors. This program presents in-depth interviews with both men, detailing their side of the story and conveying their disillusionment with Pentagon officials who wanted interrogations pushed "up a notch." Featuring nightmarish descriptions and images from inside the prison-highlighting deplorable conditions endured by inmates and guards alike-the program also includes insight into the mentality of reservist Charles Graner, currently serving a 10-year sentence for Abu Ghraib torture.
2006; 2005

Eyewitness Testimony [electronic resource]: Psychological Aspects

Eyewitness testimony remains one of the most important sources of evidence in criminal investigations. Even in cases where there is only eyewitness evidence, 75 percent result in a conviction. This three-section program weighs the reliability of eyewitness testimony and what this reveals about the nature of memory itself. It also examines the concept of schemas and the nature of constructive memory, illustrates the effect of leading questions and the planting of false information, and looks at three ways to improve eyewitness testimony: the cognitive interview, police reconstructions, and hypnosis.
2009; 2001