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Soul of India [electronic resource]: Hindus and Muslims in Conflict

Home to more than a billion people, India struggles to remain the secular and tolerant society that Mahatma Gandhi envisioned. This Wide Angle documentary focuses on India's increasingly powerful Hindu nationalist movement, the specter of religious and ethnic strife that has haunted the nation since the dawn of its independence in 1947, and the actions of government and partisan forces that may be headed for a large-scale confrontation. Exploring mob violence in the state of Gujarat, the efforts of India's "supercop" to quell the unrest, and the influence of a dynamic Hindu youth movement, this program offers an in-depth look into the identity of the world's largest democracy. In addition, former Senator George Mitchell talks with anchor Jamie Rubin.
2006; 2002

Time for School Part 1 [electronic resource]: Global Education Crisis

Over 100 million children worldwide have never spent a day in school. One in four does not complete even five years of basic education. Now, 182 nations have promised to provide access to free and compulsory education for every child in the world-by 2015. To test the reality of that sweeping commitment, this Wide Angle installment profiles children in Japan, Kenya, Benin, Brazil, Romania, Afghanistan, and India who have managed to enroll in the first year of primary school-in most cases despite great odds. Exploring cultural comparisons from viewpoints that are too often overlooked, this program offers an in-depth study of the lives of young people in widely differing circumstances, as each one takes a hopeful first step into an uncertain future. Original WNET broadcast title: Time f [...]
2006; 2003

Back to School Part 2 [electronic resource]: Ongoing Struggle to Educate the World's Children

In 2003, the Wide Angle program Time for School profiled children in seven countries-Afghanistan, Benin, Brazil, India, Japan, Kenya, and Romania-as they started their first year of school, often in the face of great adversity. Three years later this Wide Angle episode returns to visit each child, updating the progress of their educational and personal development. The similarities and contrasts that emerge among the lives of these young people provide rich insight into the disparities of opportunity around the globe-underscoring the hard fact that more than 100 million children worldwide are growing up without schooling. This richly detailed documentary puts a human face on the global crisis in access to education. Additionally, anchor Daljit Dhaliwal discusses the state of global e [...]