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The Lost Jungle [electronic resource]: Shane Untamed

Shane O takes on the unknown and inhospitable terrain of Guyana's vast rain forests. His goal is to reach Mount Weiassipu, a tepui that has never been climbed. But deep in the jungle, he and his team find themselves stranded with no porters and little food. The ultimate goal then changes from climbing to surviving. This episode of Shane Untamed brings you to the perfect storm.

Brazil [electronic resource]: A Racial Paradise?

In Brazil, Professor Gates goes behind the façade of Carnival to discover how this "rainbow nation" is waking up to its legacy as the world's largest slave economy.

Beyond Elections [electronic resource]: Redefining Democracy in the Americas

In 1989, the Brazilian Workers' Party altered the concept of local government when they installed participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre, allowing residents to participate directly in the allocation of city funds. Ten years later, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez was swept into power with the promise of granting direct participation to the Venezuelan people, who later formed tens of thousands of self-organized communal councils. In the Southern Cone, cooperative and recuperated factory numbers have grown, and across the Americas social movements and constitutional assemblies are taking authority away from the ruling elites and putting power into the hands of their members and citizens. The film features interviews with Eduardo Galeano, Amy Goodman, Emir Sader, Marta Harnecker, Ward [...]

South America [electronic resource]

South America is a territory of contrasts and excesses. It contains the world's longest mountain chain, the largest rainforest, the most powerful river, the driest desert and the largest biodiversity on the planet. This world travelled around the heart of the South Pacific for billions of years, before leaving Gondwana for good to join North America and build ... the Americas.
2015; 2013

BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Western Hemisphere and Antarctica

Land of the eagle is the story of how North America was discovered is told through the eyes of the Native Americans and the European newcomers. A magnificent ensemble of paintings, photographs, wildlife films, and Native Americans voicing the words of their ancestors. In Spirits of the jaguar amid volcanoes, jungles, deserts, and reefs, we enter the legendarykingdoms of the Mayas and Aztecs where each creature, from monkey to snake, turtle to flamingo, is ruled by the all-powerful spirit of the jaguar.; Wild South America explores the rich and unique wildlife that inhabits the diverse landscapes of the vast South American continent. Using new camera techniques, including infrared night vision cameras, rarely seen animals are revealed. Life in the freezer explores the Earth's coldest [...]
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