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Regenerating a City [electronic resource]: The Re-Branding of Glasgow

Explore the redevelopment and re-branding of Scotland's largest city, Glasgow. Once a declining city suffering from the death of its ship building industry, it is now considered the UK's second shopping destination and one of the best tourism destinations in Europe. This program features interviews with architects, developers, local residents and civic leaders. It explores the causes and effects of urban decline and the strategies used for urban renewal and the creation of sustainable communities.
2014; 2007

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: Land Girls in Scotland, 1945

World War II - British Gov't trailer urging women to volunteer as land girls in Scotland

Macbeth [electronic resource]: Young Actors in Training

The climate of evil in Macbeth is as potent as any 21st-century psychological thriller-perhaps even more so. Can an ensemble of youthful actors even come close to tackling Shakespeare's exploration of a murderous lust for power? This program follows British drama students as they take on the project, rehearsing and performing Act II, Scene 2, from the play. Mentored by professionals, the players are able to fine-tune the rising sense of panic that eventually overcomes the protagonist and his manipulative wife. Their discussion afterwards further illuminates the marital dynamic that drives the story.

Scotland [electronic resource]: Artisan Cheeses From the Highlands and Islands

Scotland is not the first country that come to mind when you think of cheese-making, but in the rugged rolling highlands, Will Studd unearths an ancient sour cream 'chieftains' cheese called Caboc. Then he enjoys some Strathdowne blue with oatcakes, and finds out how the cheese also matches with single malt whisky. Next Will is off to the Isle of Mull where an enterprising family, supplement the feed for their cows with whisky mash during the cold winter months.

Loch Ness [electronic resource]

This program traces the extraordinary story of Loch Ness, from the 3 billion-year-old bedrock of Northern Scotland, to the giant glaciers that carved out the loch, to the possibility that Nessie, if it exists, is a descendent of North American dinosaurs.

The Glasgow School of Art [electronic resource]: Architectures-Achievements in Modern Architecture

Built at the dawn of the 20th century, the Glasgow School of Art is the masterpiece of the only British artist considered as a precursor of modernity, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The most eminent practitioner of the "Glasgow Style", the equivalent of French Art Nouveau, Mackintosh devoted more than 10 years to fulfilling what is without doubt his most innovative architectural project, a masterwork that combines constructive rationality, Art nouveau subjectivism, obsessive attention to detail and decorative fantasy. 10 years of work during which the architect never once set foot on the building site. After many years in purgatory, the school has become a place of pilgrimage for generations of architects. Its influence is without parallel in early 20th century architecture.
2015; 2013

Scotland [electronic resource]: Rome's Final Frontier

This is the incredible story of how Scotland became the Roman Empire's toughest military challenge. At the height of its power, Rome boasted the domination of millions of people and vast tracts of lands as far east as Syria, Egypt in the south, Spain in the west, and the Germanic wildernesses in the north. In 43AD Emperor Claudius' forces invaded and conquered Britain-but there was one small part of these barbarian lands that wasn't so easy to crush. Through some of Scotland's most extraordinary Roman sites and illuminating new archaeology, historian Dr. Fraser Hunter shows how Scotland and its people defied an onslaught of Roman imperial power for over a century.

Transatlantic Sessions [electronic resource]: Best of Folk

Recorded in the Scottish Highlands, Transatlantic Sessions brings together 28 artists from North America, Scotland and Ireland to perform these 12 folk favorites, old and new. Nashville's Jerry Douglas and Shetland's Aly Bain lead an array of the top vocal and instrumental artists in the Americana and Celtic traditions including Sam Bush, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Julie Fowlis, Alison Krauss, James Taylor, Dan Tyminski, and more!
2015; 2014