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Africa's Children [electronic resource]: Kenyan Women in Transition

This program explores the pressures on female adolescents in the Third World through the stories of four young Kenyan women growing up in a time of cultural upheaval: Christine, a Masai who escaped an arranged marriage so she could study law; Dekha, brought up in a rigidly patriarchal Muslim town, who aspires to be a doctor; Anastasia, who works on her family's farm while yearning to become a Catholic nun; and Mboone, who dreams of exchanging her affluent urban lifestyle for a career of service in the UN, to help improve the lives of women all over the world. Female circumcision, polygyny, AIDS, reproductive choice, equal access to education, and other issues are discussed with candor.
2005; 2000

A Fresh Look at Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania [electronic resource]

This program spotlights the eastern African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. In Aksum and Addis Ababa, Jonathan Dimbleby learns about initiatives to improve farming across Ethiopia; follows a pilgrimage to Aksum's Church of St. Mary of Zion; observes the Eid al-Adha festival in Addis Ababa; attends a session of a coffee-growers' commodity exchange; and visits some fair trade businesses. In Nairobi and Makutano, he sees firsthand how the cell phone revolution is transforming Kenya; considers the positive social significance of the soap opera Makutano Junction; and explains how new highways are enhancing economic growth. And in Arusha and Dar es Salaam, he takes part in Tanzanian independence day festivities and applauds the nation's freedom of speech, a vital force for democracy.

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: Kenyan Rituals Re-Enacted, ca. 1986

Older Kenyan men re-enact initiation rituals that they took part in during Mau Mau.

The Modern Warrior [electronic resource]

Nairobi is home to a massive influx of immigrants, exiles and dreamers. This metropolis of skyscrapers and slums is the backdrop for an absorbing tale of two clashing worlds. Perhaps no one understands the fragile intersection between traditional and modern life better than Moses ole Samante. An ambitious young Maasai, he runs a successful safari business from Nairobi but works hard to maintain his village ties. The other focus of this episode is photojournalist Boniface Mwangi, who uses his camera to unify Kenya's social divisions.

Kenya [electronic resource]: National Identity and Unity

From the Great Rift Valley to the shores of the Indian Ocean, Kenya contains extraordinary diversity in culture, landscape, and wildlife. This program surveys the history of the country, its difficult transition out of colonial rule, and its wide variety of ethnic groups and languages. Visits to a Nairobi high school, a Masai village, and two wildlife conservation areas underscore the challenges modern Kenya faces in economic progress and environmental protection.
2005; 2002

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: British Response to the Mau Mau Uprising, 1953

Royal Lancashire Fusiliers in Kenya round up men for questioning about Mau Mau

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: The Mau Mau Uprising, ca. 1954

British Colonialism Kenya. Includes shots of the Mau Mau crisis.

Where Have All the Elephants Gone? [electronic resource]: Poaching in Tanzania and Kenya

In Tanzania it's estimated that more than 60 elephants are killed by poachers every day, the ivory from the tusks smuggled out of Dar es Salaam and sent off to markets in places like China, where a demand for ivory trinkets has exploded among the new middle class. Both Tanzania and Kenya vow to stamp out poaching, but enormous profits from the slaughter have corrupted politicians and law enforcement officials alike. This program charts the rapid decline of the African elephant as it investigates the illegal ivory trade that's doing them in. Viewers trek from Tanzania's sanctioned wildlife hunts to the seedy underworld of the poachers' black market, then go to an elephant sanctuary, where wildlife advocate Daphne Sheldrick sadly predicts the imminent extinction of these animals in the wild.

Kenya and the Horn of Africa [electronic resource]

The third leg of Simon Reeve's journey is the most dangerous as he travels from the beautiful coast of Kenya to Somalia, where pirates are plaguing ships offshore, and to the war-torn capital.

Housing Microfinance [electronic resource]: Hope to Kenyan Slum Dwellers

NewsHour correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Kenya on new efforts to help poor residents of Nairobi's crowded, unsanitary slums find adequate housing through entrepreneurship and microfinancing. Origina?

Fighting Poverty in Kenya [electronic resource]: Water Pumps for Farmers

NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels reports on the story of how a California man sees the chance to increase access to clean water in Kenya through the use of foot-powered pumps. Origina?

Threats to World's Wheat Crop [electronic resource]: Kenyan Scientists Respond

Scientists in Kenya's Rift Valley are taking part in a complicated and protracted global fight against Ug99, a fungal disease, also known as wheat rust, that could destroy 80 percent of all known wheat varieties. NewsHour special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports as part of the Under-Told Stories Project. Origina?

Wind of Change [electronic resource]

Wind of Change is a powerful document on how climate change is affecting a small farming family in Kenya. For generations the Kisilu family have been self-reliant; growing their own food and making their own money. But as the effects of climate change become more apparent, the family can no longer put their trust in the rain. Through beautiful images and Kisilu's own video diary we are brought close to him and his family in their fight against drought and winds. We get to share their dreams, struggle, moments of joy and fears for their future.

Kenya [electronic resource]: Women for President

A country with a myriad of cultures and religions, and one of the fastest going economies in Africa, Kenya does not always live in harmony. Women blame the men for the ethnic conflict and for a lack of gender equality in education. In this episode as the train travels from Mombasa to Nairobi and onwards to the Great Rift Valley, we meet strong young women and even a Masai warrior, all of who believe that the future of Kenya should be in the hands of women. Part of the series In 80 Trains Around the World .

Kenya [electronic resource]: Globe Trekker

This Globe Trekker video follows Estelle Bingham's journey through Kenya. She starts out cycling through Hell's Gate National Park before heading north to meet a Mau Mau freedom fighter. She continues into the tribal lands of the Northern Frontier, hangs out with some Samburu tribesmen, tracks lions in Laikipia, and participates in a young Pokot boy's initiation ceremony into manhood. From there she takes a beautiful flight over the Rift Valley to the Masai Mara Game Reserve to stalk the dangerous buffalo. She makes a quick trip to the capital Nairobi and gets to spend some wonderful time up close with baby elephants in Daphne Seldrick's elephant orphanage. She ends her trip on the coast in the remote Arab trading port of Lamu.

Nairobi, Kenya [electronic resource]: Health Care for HIV Infected Patients

Maryknoll lay missioner Charlotte Cook and Kenyan Benta Ayoko work with patients living with HIV and AIDS as part of the Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program. This film provides and inside look at how volunteers reach out to those in need and provide healthcare services to those living in poverty.
2015; 2000

Violence & Solutions [electronic resource]

Join New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof as he searches for solutions to violence against women in this documentary based on "A Path Appears," a book he wrote with Sheryl WuDunn. He visits philanthropic organizations in Atlanta in Kenya in search of what works. Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow join him in Kenya to learn about the girl's school and other philanthropic projects run by "Shining Hope".
2015; 2014