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Frontline World June 26, 2007: Stories From a Small Planet

Indonesia, after the wave: A tsunami that hit Aceh, Indonesia in 2004 led to the end of a long civil war and the election of a former rebel as governor, who is now trying to make peace with the past.; Faroe Islands, message from the sea: For over 1,000 years, the people of the Faroe Islands have hunted pilot whales, and whale meat continues to be an important part of their diet. However, a 20-year study of Faroese children has found that it contains high levels of methyl mercury and other contaminants that may harm their neurological development.; Tanzania, hero rats: Visits the unique lab run by Bart Weetjens in Tanzania, where he trains rats to sniff out deadly unexploded land mines. Travels with Weetjens to Mozambique where he sets his trained rodents in action.; Kuwait, the 99: F [...]
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Pity the Pilot Whale [electronic resource]

In Faroese it's called a grindadrap-a "drive hunt" in which dozens of long-finned pilot whales are surrounded, forced into shallow water, hooked through their blow holes, and partially beheaded. While usually non-commercial, the grindadrap does provide food for local communities, but many if not most outsiders see it as cruel, unnecessary, and ecologically unsound. This program contrasts the traditional whaling practices of Faroese islanders with the rescue work of New Zealand activists who try to guide pods of stranded cetaceans back to the open sea. Both behaviors are examined, but the story's real heroes are the whales themselves. Viewers learn how the animals communicate, cooperate, display intelligence, and establish communities and social structures-facts that tend to support r [...]