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Colombia and Venezuela [electronic resource]

As Jonathan travels across Colombia and Venezuela, he discovers that they have strikingly divergent modern realities. Colombia, for so long synonymous with drug wars, is also a country of hope and resilience. Jonathan cycles with a visionary mayor around the streets of Bogotá, meets a reformed FARC fighter, goes to a coffee farm in the Andes, visits a cemetery in Medellín, and enjoys watching a group of breakdancing kids from the notorious hillside slums. In Venezuela, Jonathan searches for a sense of the true spirit of this polarized nation. He finds himself at an anti-U.S. rally, joins a police patrol in a crime-ridden section of Caracas, rides with cowboys, and listens to a youth orchestra drawn from two previously warring neighborhoods.

Killer Coke

Documentary shorts presented by the activist group "Campaign to Stop Killer Coke" about anti-labor human rights violations perpetrated by Coca-Cola in its international operations in Guatemala, Colombia, etc.
Clemons (Stacks)

Colombia [electronic resource]: Flowers for the Gringo

As in the case of coffee, sugar, and other cultivated products, the floral industry would collapse without a steady supply of cheap labor. This program goes inside the world of Colombia's flower growers, in particular those who work the hardest for the lowest pay. Profiling two women with varying experiences, the film reveals both the tenuous nature of life on the industry's bottom rung - Hilda was fired after injuring her shoulder in the workplace - and the occasional ray of hope, as evidenced by Gloria's employer, who pays above the minimum wage. The program also features a union activist fighting an uphill battle to improve worker conditions, reminding viewers that human and corporate interests can rarely be tied into a pretty bouquet.

Colombia's Guerrilla War [electronic resource]: Sundered Nation

In Colombia, government and paramilitary forces are terrorizing the populace to deprive the FARC and NLF guerrillas of civil support. But far from stamping out the war, this policy has led to an escalation that threatens to destroy the country. This program combines newsreel and documentary footage of life and death in Colombia's rural districts, cities, and guerrilla camps with interviews to explore the roots and the results of the 20th century's longest guerrilla war. Members of Bogota's Institute of Political Studies, the Red Cross, and the Church; army officers; guerrillas; politicians; and some of the 1.5 million refugees air their views on the terror and the tragedy of a nation divided.
2006; 1999

The Last of the Cuiva [electronic resource]

This is the story of the last 600 of the dying Cuiva tribe in southeastern Colombia, for the most part still living a Stone Age existence as naked hunters and gatherers. The film focuses on changes in their culture and society, brought about through contact with Colombian settlers. We see two contrasting groups of Cuiva: The first is relatively isolated and lives the traditional nomadic life, as the men hunt and fish and the women gather. The second group has been drawn into the Colombian economy, working occasionally for the ranchers in order to earn money and buy trade goods. The Cuiva seem to be living the present-day role of the North American Indians of 150 years ago: driven off their hunting grounds by the cowboys, massacred if they insist on fighting for their homes.

Operation Amigo

From the U.S. Army's The Big Picture television series, 1950-1975.; "Civic action at work in Latin and South America with assistance offered by members of the U.S. Army. Road-building, medical help and education for the masses are demonstrated as they happened."--National Archives and Records Administration.