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Tropic of Cancer: Episode 5 Bangladesh to Burma

In Bangladesh Simon sails down the mighty Padma River and visits fishermen who use trained otters to drive fish into their nets. From North East India, Simon treks through jungles and across rivers into Burma to meet the Chin people-an ethnic group who are brutalized and oppressed by the Burmese government.
2016; 2010

Bangkok, Thailand [electronic resource]: A Place of Refuge for Burmese Mon People

Brother John Beeching is a Maryknoll missioner from Victoria, B.C. who meets Ti Sa, a Buddhist monk in exile from Burma, while teaching English in Bangkok. They find that despite differences of culture, religion and language, they share a common spiritual call in serving the Mon, an ethnic people forced to flee their homeland by the Burmese army. John feels their brotherhood and sisterhood brings him closer to God. This film demonstrates a story of friendship between two men in Thailand, a country foreign to both of them.
2015; 2000

Myanmar: Poppyland

In this documentary, Liam Cochrane travels to the source of most of Australia's heroin-the vast opium fields of Myanmar, where poppy production has more than doubled in a decade. He interviews local farmers dependent on the crop for survival; talks to a church pastor running a heroin rehab program in Nant Phar Kar, a town threatened by addiction; and visits a Shan village implementing a U.N. program to replace poppy fields with coffee. While the government claims to be cracking down, the opium trade has funded both sides of 60 year civil war. What will it take to break Myanmar's opium habit and achieve peace?

Of Oozies and Elephants

Following an international team of scientists whose findings are crucial to saving these elephants from extinction, learn how it may be possible to save not just these but the whole species of Asian elephants. In the process viewers learn how Myanmar's use of elephants for tree-by-tree logging also preserves one of the largest remaining forest habitations on earth.

Myanmar: The Tattoo Doctors

Most people in Myanmar believe in Theravada Buddhism, an ancient doctrine incorporating occult beliefs which are omnipresent in Burmese culture; the Congregations of the Superior Way originated from this blend. In these Buddhist societies, disciples acquire esoteric powers, which help them heal and combat spirits. Their therapeutic arsenal consists of religious incantations, plants, tattoos, and alchemy. Bernard Fontanilles meets Aung Myo Hein, one of the Masters of the Superior Way. The symbols on his skin are a mark of his rank, and give him his power.
2016; 2014