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The Big Picture [electronic resource]: Supply Mission

In this episode of the U.S. Army's The Big Picture television series, combat engineers are seen building roads in Burma, constructing airstrips in North Africa, and relieving flood victims and communities in times of disaster. Audiences are introduced to the men and women whose job it is to provide combat engineers in the field with the equipment they need when they need it - the United States Army engineers, who are "Standing by - ready when needed," whether during war or peace. This video from the National Archives and Records Administration goes behind the scenes in the Corps of Engineers to show, among other things, an electronic brain that answers questions.

Myanmar [electronic resource]: Don't Forget Your Passport

Ross Shimmon begins his adventure travels in Myanmar at the ancient Shewedagon temples of Yangon. He then travels by long-tail boat through the shanty fishing villages of Inle Lake to attend the annual Buddhist water festival parade. Next, it's a hot air balloon ride over the Land of 1,000 Golden Pagodas in Bagan on the shores of the magnificent Irrawaddy River. Finally. Ross meets an extraordinary young peasant girl who guides him through the small thatched homes to see how she lives in rural Myanmar. It's a touching and humorous exchange.

Burma's Nuclear Ambitions [electronic resource]

Sai Thein Win, deputy commander of a secret military factory, leaked thousands of confidential files to the expatriate media group Democratic Voice of Burma before defecting from the Burmese army. Details of the project he'd worked on strongly suggest that Burma plans to develop nuclear capability. This documentary, produced by the DVB, presents the evidence that Win gathered. Long-time Burma analyst Bertil Lintner, along with Bob Kelly (a former intelligence officer at Los Alamos) and Geoff Forden (a military researcher at M.I.T.) analyze Win's assertions, and Win provides top-secret photos to back up his claim.

Burma (Myanmar) [electronic resource]: A New Dawn

Since the curtain came down and the military junta eased its grip on the nation, dramatic change is evident in some parts of Myanmar while in other corners deprivation and dislocation prevail. Foreign Correspondent's Sally Sara explores the old and the new, the past and the prospective future for the new democracy in this revealing excursion through Yangon.

Karen Refugees [electronic resource]: Fleeing Burma's Forgotten War

The Karen make up about seven percent of the population of Myanmar, formally known as Burma, and for decades, they've been fighting what's called the Forgotten War with the Burmese military. Patrick Brown introduces us to a Karen woman and her family as they leave behind a refugee camp, ethnic persecution, and an ongoing war, and embark on a journey from Burma to Canada.

The WPA Film Library [electronic resource]: Burma Road, 1945

World War II - Piece on the "Burma Road" and supply lines to Chinese battle theater

Burma's Forbidden Island [electronic resource]

In this program, we'll meet an extraordinary people whose culture is threatened by extinction in the modern era. For centuries, a remarkable group of seafaring nomads known as the Moken have lived quietly in the idyllic Megui Archipelago off the southern coast of Myanmar-also known as Burma-sleeping on their boats and existing in harmony with the natural world. The functionalism and simplicity of this life has depended on the isolation of its adaptable practitioners, and their ability to navigate new surroundings with ease and safety. Now though, the peace has been shattered, and the islands and their people are under threat from loggers, fishermen, entrepreneurs, and Myanmar's military government. This program examines the Moken people's struggle to survive in a harsh modern world a [...]

Reef Life of the Andaman [electronic resource]: Marine Species of Thailand and Burma

From the coral reefs and submarine pinnacles of Thailand's Similan Islands, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, and Hin Daeng, to Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago and Burma Banks, this stunning documentary brings viewers on a virtual scuba diving tour of the Andaman Sea's variety of oceanic life. Seldom is the aquatic ecosystem as diverse as it is here. The underwater travelogue describes more than 200 different forms of marine life, including dozens of tropical fish species, sharks, rays, crustaceans, octopi, turtles, sea snakes, corals, and much more. A valuable resource for marine biology students studying up on species identification, or for anyone interested in life beneath the sea.

Myanmar [electronic resource]: The "Keep Quiet" Regime

In Myanmar (Burma), the State Law and Order Reconciliation Council, (SLORC) was formed after a military junta took power in 1988. Since then, human rights have been regarded as among the worst in the world. International human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have repeatedly documented and condemned widespread human rights violations there. This episode reviews the human rights record in the country since the junta came to power. Also featured, an interview with Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch on ethnic warfare; linking trade and human rights and how the Clinton administration is viewed by human rights activists; then New York City's "El Puente Academy of Peace and Justice;" and finally Romanian musicians sing about revolution.

United News: Release 100 (1944) Allied Armies in Burma Battle Japanese on Wide Front [electronic resource]

This World War II-era newsreel includes the following segments: 1. U.S., British, and Chinese troops advance against Japanese positions in Burma. 2. The Canadian Navy stages a musical show. 3. Yugoslav troops in Italy board ships to return to liberated areas of their homeland. 4. The Allied Control Commission issues supplies in Naples. 5. War materialsare stockpiled on the Atlantic shore awaiting loading; a navy seaplane tender sinks a German U-boat in the Atlantic.

United News: Release 133 (1944) Bomb Japanese Bases in Burma [electronic resource]

This World War II-era newsreel includes the following segments: 1. B-25 planes bomb bridges and railways near Hsipaw, Burma. 2. Cotton is picked by machine in Mississippi. 3. Dr. Joseph Erlanger, Dr. H. S. Gasser, and others receive Nobel Peace Prizes in New York City. 4. Carrier-based planes bomb Leyte Island; Admiral A. W. Radford. 5. French and 3rd Army troops enter Strasbourg and advance in the Metz area; the 9th Army advances through German villages.

United News: Release 1014 (1945) Burma Front [electronic resource]

This World War II-era newsreel includes the following segments: 1. The British 14th Army rounds up snipers near Kohima, Burma; Admiral Mountbatten inspects his troops; British planes attack jungle positions. 2. French troops board ships on the English coast to return to France; American troops land in southern France from gliders and naval landing craft; General Alexander Patch; Allied troops operate near St. Malo; the 8th Air Force fires on truck convoys; General Montgomery greets Polish commanders of area troops.

United News: Release 1037 (1944) Battle Mud in Burma [electronic resource]

This World War II-era newsreel includes the following segments: 1. Burmese villagers and U.S. troops clear mud from roads. 2. U.S. troops in Europe improvise time-saving devices. 3. A demolished truck factory in France is rebuilt, and manufacturing resumes. 4. Soldiers of the 7th Army fight German troops near Strasbourg, France, and assist civilians; British and U.S. troops meet; soldiers clear roads during a blizzard and uncover bodies of soldiers massacred at Malmedy.

Bangkok, Thailand [electronic resource]: A Place of Refuge for Burmese Mon People

Brother John Beeching is a Maryknoll missioner from Victoria, B.C. who meets Ti Sa, a Buddhist monk in exile from Burma, while teaching English in Bangkok. They find that despite differences of culture, religion and language, they share a common spiritual call in serving the Mon, an ethnic people forced to flee their homeland by the Burmese army. John feels their brotherhood and sisterhood brings him closer to God. This film demonstrates a story of friendship between two men in Thailand, a country foreign to both of them.
2015; 2000