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Beijing City Guide [electronic resource]: Pilot Guides

This Pilot Guides episode features the city of Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China and a promised land of potential prosperity for the Chinese people. The trip begins in Tiananmen Square, former stage of Cultural Revolution rallies where soldiers run morning drills, then moves on to the Forbidden City, a cluster of ancient buildings off limits for 500 years during the Ming and Qiung dynasty. Watch the explorers climb to the roof of the Ancient Observatory, sample Mao's revolutionary cooking prepared by his townsfolk, admire the gardens and frescoes of the Lama Temple, and join the revelers of the Lantern Festival. Finally, the video takes viewers to the Longquin Gorge, a canyon in Yanquin County, for Beijing's Ice Lantern Festival.

Beijing [electronic resource]: Biography of an Imperial Capital-Center of the Cosmos

When Kublai Khan came into power in the 13th century he dreamed of building a capital city to rival the splendors of Xanadu. With a Chinese monk and a Muslim engineer as advisors, the foundations of what soon became a bustling cosmopolitan center were laid. This program tells the story of the origins and growth of Beijing, starting with prehistoric settlers and ending with the rise of the Manchus in 1644. Using marvelous reenactments and CGI recreations, the video looks at the significance of the Khitans before exploring the lasting impact of the Mongol invasion. Covers the modification of the Grand Canal and the building of the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and Summer Palace.

Zhang's Diner

An impoverished Chinese couple move to Beijing from their home town in search of a better life. They invest what little they have in a shabby diner and begin a new life. The film follows Zhang's and Xiao's restaurant business over a period of three years. The couple s problems at times reach almost comical proportions. There are no customers, but they continue to make an effort. The couple represents a phenomenon that has become part of everyday life for tens of millions of Chinese. As China follows the global economy, it is the rural residents who used to make their living in state run cooperatives who now find themselves destitute. The large cities are full of illegal job seekers who have no basic security and are harassed by the local police, adding to their troubles. Nevertheless [...]

Quitting: Zuo Tian

This is the story of Jia Hongsheng, (playing himself) a star of Chinese movies and television circa 1990, who, while appearing onstage in "Kiss of the Spider Woman" in 1992 began smoking pot, quickly progressing to heroin, with a resultant spiral down into professional and personal dysfunction. Nearly all of the other characters in the film, his parents (also professional actors), fellow inmates at a psychiatric hospital, and professional colleagues, play themselves. The film is a fragmented re-enactment of Jia's life from roughly 1992-95; what emerges is a portrait of individual depression and a study in generational division and social malaise. It suggests that Beijing is not so different from New York or Los Angeles-a big, impersonal city that draws ambitious young people from the [...]
2003; 2001
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