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Into the Amazon

Into the Amazon tells the remarkable story of the journey taken by President Theodore Roosevelt and legendary Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon into the heart of the South American rain forest to chart an unexplored tributary of the Amazon. Two of the most celebrated men from their respective nations, Roosevelt and Rondon set out with twenty other adventurers in 1914. Over eight eventful weeks in one of the most remote places on earth, the ill-equipped expedition navigated deadly rapids in crude dugout canoes. Hunger and exhaustion were compounded by the rain forest's unforgiving topography, which forced the men to carry heavy canoes long distances. What was anticipated to be a relatively tranquil journey turned out to be a brutal test of courage and character. Before it was all over [...]
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Daughters of the Canopy

This vibrant film focuses on the struggles and successes of two local women's groups fighting to preserve their land, forests, and way of life in Brazil's Amazon region. The women combine scientific study, political advocacy, and grassroots activism to save their communities fields and forests from ranchers and loggers and to improve their standard of living. The farmers in Quinandeua invited Dr. Patricia Shanley, an American ethno-botanist from the Woods Hole Research Center, to educate the community about the use of non-timber forest products. As one villager says, "she showed us the value of the forest, that wood and fruit are both important." They have become aware that the forests must stay intact for fruits and herbs to be harvested for food and medicine. Through their particip [...]


Explore the mysterious Amazon and celebrate the beauty, vitality and wonder of this magical rain forest. This is a collaboration between an American scientist and a tribal shaman.
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The Lost World

At the turn of the century, an expedition led by a brilliant but combative professor sets out from London, bound for the Amazon, where dinosaurs are rumored to have survived on a forgotten plateau deep in the jungle.
2002; 2001
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A Clearing in the Jungle [electronic resource]

The Panare Indians live in the jungles of the northern Amazon. With homes only 300 miles from Caracas, Venezuela, they have seen cars and jet aircraft, yet their lives continue as if they were part of the Stone Age - as they resist outsiders and opt for the traditional way of life they have always known. This film focuses on their daily activities, such as preparing cassava, making blow darts, and hunting and gathering. As the Panare resent even the presence of the Granada TV crew, the film's producer captures their ethos when noting, "They grew tobacco, but just enough for their own needs. The government tried to persuade them to work longer hours to produce more, and have offered to pay them, but they are just not interested.